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World 6 is one of two worlds that are unlocked after completing World 5, and is the default world if one completes World 5 normally. While it is themed around a mountain range and stone, it features environments from previous worlds, such as deserts, beaches, jungles and snowy lands. There are 5 Toad Houses in total, each requiring Star Coins to access. There are no secret exits in this World, but alternate stages can be unlocked using Star Coins.

Level summary[edit]

Level Star Coins
Level 6-1
  1. After the third pair of Bullet Bill Launchers, jump following the coins to the ledge to the right, then wall jump off following the higher trail of coins to get the Star Coin.
  2. To the left and above of the checkpoint flag is a cave with the Star Coin. Simply jump to the ledge to obtain it.
  3. This Star Coin is suspended on the lower half of the narrow path, meaning that you must be hanging from the cliff path to get it. Be wary of the Bullet Bills coming in from the left.
Level 6-A
  1. Jump into the first Tweester to get launched up high. Slowly float to the right to get the Star Coin high above the ground.
  2. In the middle of the first half of the course, you can see a cascade of quicksand higher than the level of quicksand around it. Sink down the bottom to enter a secret underground area. Cling to the wall and wall jump once you see the coin.
  3. Go into the first red pipe you see to enter a cave with a Super Piranha Plant. Leap over it to get the Star Coin.
Level 6-2
  1. Swim around the first palm tree after coming out the red pipe to hit a hidden block with a vine. Climb up the vine and jump to the floating stone platforms. Hit the lone block here to make a P-Switch pop out. Hit the P-Switch, then carefully jump on to each flying question mark block to the brick block platforms to the right. If you're fast enough, you can get the Star Coin on one of these platforms before they turn back into coins.
  2. Enter the tall cannon pipe with only one block attached to it to be launched into over a pit into an area with a low ceiling. Swim up during high tide to get the Star Coin.
  3. Below a walkway that consists of three wooden bridges, guarded by several Spinies. Getting a Star from the blocks nearby will make your job much easier.
Level 6-Tower
  1. At the fourth Skewer, go to the very left to grab the Star Coin. Duck in the dent below it to avoid the Skewer.
  2. The Star Coin is slightly out of the way while climbing up to the second door. Watch out for the Skewers as you go collect it.
  3. Get a Mini Mushroom and use it outside the boss door. As the Dry Bones gets to the right end of the ledge, jump off of it and to the right wall. Start wall jumping up on to another ledge, then take the warp pipe there upward. Patiently wait for the Skewers to retract, then jump to the middle platform. Wait for the Skewers to retract again before jumping to the Star Coin, then fall back to the pipe.
Level 6-3
  1. Get on the first erratically bouncing block and jump to the Star Coin in the air to reach it. You can hit the block first to stop its movement, letting you get on it easier.
  2. After exiting the first poison lake area, go down the third pipe from the left to drop into a cave with the Star Coin.
  3. Once you emerge from the second poison lake section, hit the rotating block to stop it from spinning. Do a running jump from the block to the left to get over the green pipe and fall to the small area with the Star Coin. Wall jump to exit.
Level 6-4
  1. Wall jump up the gap after the first Firebar and keep hopping up to eventually reach the Star Coin.
  2. From the checkpoint flag, run and jump to the platforms to the left to collect the Star Coin on a ledge.
  3. When you get to a series of short narrow ledges, jump up as high as possible to reach a ledge with the junction of a warp pipe visible. Go into the entrance of the pipe there, then dodge the Firebars on the other side as you proceed to the right. At the end is the Star Coin.
Level 6-Tower 2
  1. Midway up the tower, you should see some conveyor belts with upward-pointing spikes between them. Go right along the belts to reach the Star Coin.
  2. As big Mario or higher, crouch on the conveyor belt below the platform with Spike Tops. Let it move you to the brick blocks, then stop crouching. You will break the blocks, letting you jump up and collect the Star Coin.
  3. Jump to the rope near the boss door and move to the right until you touch the Star Coin.
Level 6-5
  1. The Star Coin is out in the open, near a Red Ring. Just swim to it to obtain it.
  2. When you come to a yellow pipe on the ceiling, enter it. You will be transported to a cave with the Star Coin. Watch out for the Deep Cheeps.
  3. The last whirlpool in the level has brick blocks at its edges. Let yourself get pulled in to end up in a secret area with the Star Coin.
Level 6-B
  1. The Star Coin is suspended over a bottomless pit. You must knock a nearby Koopa into its shell, then toss it into the abyss to collect it remotely.
  2. After blasting up the cannon pipe on to the mountain with Piranha Plants, you can see a Paratroopa and the Star Coin to your left. Time your jump to bounce off the Paratroopa and reach the Star Coin.
  3. When you come to the pair of ropes, swing on to the ice block formation to your right. Crouch if you aren't small to slide through the gap and take the Star Coin.
Level 6-6
  1. Drop down to the left of the platform with the second Star Coin to arrive next to the first. Use the nearby Spin Block to get on the pillar of blocks and drill down to hit a P-Switch. Activate it to turn the block wall into coins, letting you get the Star Coin.
  2. Move left after jumping from the third Spin Block to land on a platform with a Chain Chomp. The Star Coin is on the post of the Chain Chomp.
  3. On the platform to the left of the P-Switch on the ceiling, ground pound the blocks to land on a Spin Block. After launching yourself up, bump off the Paratroopa to hit the P-Switch, letting you access a warp pipe entrance. Go through the warp pipe, then jump from the spin block there and stay on the left wall to get the third Star Coin.
Level 6-Castle
  1. The Star Coin is hovering inches above the lava. Use a Koopa shell to grab it remotely.
  2. Get on the moving stone platforms to reach the second Star Coin, located in a small alcove.
  3. On the three block platform next to the colliding stone blocks, make a running leap to jump over the blocks and on to the ceiling. Run right to take the Star Coin.