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When the entire land is floating among the clouds, it's no surprise that this world will give you plenty of aerial challenges. Moving platforms are the only way to cross vast abysses, leaving little room for error. Watch the tracks of the platforms to avoid veering straight into the abyss.

Level walkthrough[edit]

Jump up the steps and get on the moving platform to get it going. You'd want to stay on the platform as it moves along its track, quickly dismounting only to grab coins. Jump to the next moving platform when you near the end of the track. As you ride this moving platform, dodge the Paratroopas that come your way, as it is risky to try and attack them. You should see a NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin below you. Wait until the platform falls to the lower track, then jump to collect it. When the platform moves back to the right, be sure to jump to get on the cloud.

You must now make a decision that will determine whether you get the second or third Star Coin. Both cannot be collected in one go, so you must play through this stage at least twice for total completion. If you're going for the second Star Coin, quickly go right and jump on to the flying question mark block. Let it carry you across the sky until you come to a warp pipe above a cloud. Go into the warp pipe to reach a secret area. Jump to the cloud platform above you using the moving ropes to get the NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin, then collect the coins and the 1-Up in this area. Go into the warp pipe to the right when you're done to get dropped back to the main level. Note that this path does not pass through the checkpoint, so you must finish the rest of the course in one go.

If you've chosen to go the normal route, you can hit the flying block for a 1-Up. After that, just jump on the series of moving platforms to get to a cloudy ledge. The last platform moves pretty quickly, but you must still stay on it as it makes a jump and shoot upwards to the ledge. Once you pass through the pipe, you'll trigger the checkpoint. In the next section, you must get on the top platform to get it moving, although the platform below can also be activated optionally. Ride the top platform until you reach the NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin, then make a jump for it. Watch out for the Fire Chomp, as it can not only shoot its four fireballs at you, but also self-destruct near you to take you out.

No matter which path you take, you will end up on a cloud platform below a green pipe. There is a red ring to the right, which spawns red coins along the track of the moving platform. Jump from the platform to the following cloud, then get on the next moving platform. Ride the platform to the end, then hop across the three falling platform to another cloud. Get into the warp pipe to be taken to the ending area. Use the moving platform to the left of the pipe exit to gain height, letting you jump to the top of the flagpole.

Star Coins[edit]

  1. Between two tracks used by the second moving platform. Wait until the platform falls to the lower track before attempting to get it.
  2. After passing under a wall of large blocks, jump on to the flying question mark block and ride it until you reach a warp pipe. Go into it to reach a bonus area. Use the ropes to reach the Star Coin.
  3. After the checkpoint, stay on the platform moving along the top track and be ready to jump when you pass by the Star Coin.