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World 5 is one of the four mandatory worlds in the game, and can't be skipped without using a cannon. It has a winter aesthetic, and many of its levels feature ice and snow. There are one of each Toad House in the World, all of them requiring Star Coins to access. This is also the first world that feature Hammer Bros. on the overworld map. Entering a level with a Hammer Bro. patrolling over it will cause you to fight one upon starting the stage.

Level summary[edit]

Level Star Coins
Level 5-1
  1. This Star Coin is just above a tree branch. Get on the closest block to the right and jump to the coin.
  2. The coin appears above a patch of deep snow. Bounce off the Paratroopa or hit the flying block as it moves close in order to reach it.
  3. Defeat the Snow Spike near the last Star Coin, then jump from his location to the coin.
Level 5-2
  1. This Star Coin is above some blocks in the section along the level that has many pipes filled with Piranha Plants. Break the blocks and jump to get it.
  2. It is best to attempt to get this coin after the third. Carry the spring below the third Star Coin left to a yellow pipe. Use the spring to jump into the warp pipe, then move to the right of the bonus area and jump up to get the Star Coin.
  3. Near the checkpoint, there is a spring below an easily visible Star Coin. Jump on the spring to be launched up to the coin. Watch out for the Spike Tops as you do.
Level 5-A
  1. Below an outcrop of a cliff. Wait for the mushroom underneath to expand to grab it, then hit the red switch to get back upward.
  2. Hit the first block you see after the first Star Coin to extend a vine. Climb it to the bonus area, then use the Spin Block there to launch yourself to the Star Coin.
  3. On the penultimate mushroom before the flagpole. Wait for the two mushroom platforms above to shrink, then drop down for it.
Level 5-Tower
  1. This coin appears not long after the level starts, at the right half of the screen. Following the trail of coins should let you time your jump over the first spike ball to the Star Coin perfectly.
  2. The second one appears halfway through the tower, around the center of the screen.
  3. Once the Giant Spiked Ball appears, stay at the right side of the screen. The Star Coin will eventually appear on two blocks connected to the right wall.
Level 5-3
  1. After sliding down the mountain, jump on to the ice block formation as it approaches. The Star Coin is off to the right of the ice blocks, which you must jump to get.
  2. When the path splits, take the lower one with all the Snailicorns. The Star Coin is surrounded by brick blocks at the entrance of the path, so you must slide in as Super Mario or above. Alternatively, you can go around the area using the upper path and backtrack to this location.
  3. At where the two split paths converge, there is a vertical shaft formed by two ice walls, with the coin inside a small cave. Wall jump up to the cave to get it.
Level 5-Ghost
  1. Against the third Broozer, stand below the platform it is on and have it destroy the wall, then jump up after it falls to the lower level. Make it destroy the wall of blocks below, then go into that gap. Here, wall jump up the shaft to get to the Star Coin.
  2. Jump to the first door you see and go into it. Once you enter the room, quickly wall jump up the blocks before the Broozers destroy them. If you're quick enough, you can reach the coin at the top of the room.
  3. Once you've chosen the path that leads to the secret exit, you will have to board a lift. Try to stay on the right side of the lift, and hug the right wall once it shoots upward. You should be able to get into an opening of the right wall near the top, where the Star Coin is located.
Level 5-B
  1. The Star Coin is plainly visible below an L-shaped ice block formation. You can approach it from both sides, but going right and backtracking to the left is the safer and easier method to get it.
  2. Jump on to the ice block ceiling above the section with many Koopas. Press the P-Switch and run across the ceiling quickly, making precise jumps to clear any gaps along the path. Get to the left fast enough and you will be able to nab yourself a Star Coin.
  3. The final Star Coin is at the end of a jagged slope guarded jealously by a Snailicorn. Either push it back slowly or just grab a nearby Koopa shell and toss it in to kill the Snailicorn and get the coin.
Level 5-C
  1. The Star Coin is in a rectangle of blocks. The blocks to the side and above the coin are coin blocks, so you must use the Broozer to destroy the bottom blocks.
  2. This Star Coin is suspended over a pit inside a small cave. Toss a Buzzy Beetle at it to obtain it.
  3. After you jump over the gap past the checkpoint, there will be a set of four blocks. Destroy the ceiling block above the rightmost block of this formation, then hit the rightmost block from below. This spawns a vine that leads high above the flagpole area. Go right and press the P-Switch, then lure the Broozer to the left to make him destroy some blocks covering the last Star Coin.
Level 5-4
  1. Take the rising mushroom to the left when you see the Star Coin and make a running jump to reach it.
  2. If you happen to be Mini, you can go straight to the right to get the second Star Coin after obtaining the first. If not, go around the pathway from below and use the rising mushroom to the right to get to it. Throw the Koopa's shell at it if it scrolls offscreen.
  3. The Star Coin appears next to a rising mushroom. As soon as you get on the mushroom, do a slight short hop off to the right and jump right to obtain it.
Level 5-Castle
  1. The Star Coin can be seen above a stone pillar and isn't hard to get. A Piranha Plant will be deposited nearby if you're not quick enough.
  2. One can see the Star Coin on a ledge high above the ground. Wait until a spring passes by on the conveyor belts. Use the spring to launch up to the ledge.
  3. After the Super Piranha Plant is a single block with a small space in the ceiling directly above it. Jump on to the block, then jump through the gap and on to the ceiling. Go right until you fall down a shaft, then follow the conveyor belt to the left, which leads to the Star Coin.

Secret exits[edit]

World 5-2[edit]

The secret exit of this level is not particularly hard to get, but not very obvious either. As you go through the stage, keep a lookout for a brick block formation that includes four coins horizontally level above an extension of the formation, also preceded by a Swooper. From this makeshift landmark, go right and get on the ice block. There is a pipe with a Piranha Plant in it at the ceiling above the ice block. Simply jump into the warp pipe when the Piranha Plant is not present to be taken to the red flagpole.

This secret exit opens up a path south into an overworld warp pipe. The warp pipe lets you skip the tower, instead going right to World 5-3.

World 5-Ghost[edit]

Near the base of a noticeably steep flight of stairs are a set of three coin blocks. Jump up to bump into three hidden blocks above them. Get on to the middle block then duck and jump (simply jump if you aren't tall Mario) to hit another hidden block. This makes a vine that extends to the ceiling. Climb up until you get to a door behind some blocks. Have the Broozer here break the blocks. It will just barely miss you as it destroy the wall and falls down if you stay on the vine. Go in the door and you'll end up on a lift identical to the one at the end of the main stage. It even moves in exactly the same way. Stick to the right side along the ride, and when it's on its final ascent, quickly move to the opening in the right wall as you pass by it. You can get to the final Star Coin this way. Hit the lone block here to climb to the top of this portion, where the lift would have left you on. Go left and go through the door to arrive at the red flagpole.

This secret exit creates a path to the World 5 Cannon, which blasts you to World 8, Bowser Jr.'s home turf. This is the last cannon in the game, so there's no more major shortcuts from now on!

World 5-B[edit]

You must be Shell Mario to access this hidden exit. Near the end of the level, you can see an opening that you can wall jump up, with two coins hinting you to do so. Keep wall jumping up and over the ceiling and go left. Go into a Shell Dash as you run to the left and stay in your shell to break two brick blocks obstructing a narrow tunnel. At the other end of the tunnel is a warp pipe. Go through it to be taken to the red flagpole.

This alternate exit takes you to the second warp pipe in the world. It lets you skip one or two courses as it leaves you just outside the World 5-Castle.

World 5-Castle[edit]

Defeat Petey Piranha as Mini Mario. Due to the reduced power of Mini Mario's jump, you need to use Ground Pounds instead to damage him. If you have a Mini Mushroom in reserve, you can enter the fight normally and damage Petey Piranha a few times before using your Mini Mushroom and dealing the final hit. As long as you finish off Petey while in mini form, you have succeeded.

Defeating Petey Piranha unlocks World 7.