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There are no fancy gimmicks in Bowser Jr's World 8 tower, just moving blocks and lots of spikes. Moving platforms are arranged more fiendishly than ever, so one wrong jump can lead to a long fall, or spiky impalement. Patience and timing are always required, but these traits are especially valuable in this treacherous tower.

Level walkthrough[edit]

A wide spike pit greets you at the start of the level. You must wait for the thin stone block to move to the left, then jump on to the block and to the floor on the right. To your upper left is another stationary platform, with a stone block moving through its middle. Jump on the stone block when its on the right, go to the opposite end of the stationary platform and fall on the stone block when it's on the left side. Hop to the left again to land on a ledge with the first NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin.

Get back on to the stationary platform to continue your climb. Jump on to the moving stone block as it moves to the right. You can now pick two paths. The route to the left has more ground, but also a bunch of harmful spikes. The route to the right only has a single coin block for you to stand on, but also offers a lot more coins. Whichever choice you make, you must jump on to the moving stone block when it is at the correct side to get on the stationary platform on the center.

Use the stone block moving out of the right wall to get on the right ledge. Watch the stationary platform to the left. When the lower stone block moves to the right. Jump on it and get on the platform with the Dry Bones. Wait until the upper stone block moves to the left, then jump to the flight of stairs jutting out of the left wall. Use the large stone block as it moves toward you to wall jump on to the block itself, then get on the solid ground to the right.

There is a thin moving block above you. If you're small Mario, you can simply jump to the next tier and run below the spikes when there is an opening to do so. If you're tall Mario, stand to the left of the spike ceiling and duck, letting the stone block push you through the gap. Get on the next stone block and duck as it moves under a platform when there are no Spike Tops. You will reach a smaller area with a NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin that you can collect once the upper stone block moves out of the way. Again, duck if you're tall to get pushed back to the right.

When the nearly square stone block moves low enough, get on it and ride it up to the checkpoint. You can break the blocks in the ceiling to access a cache of coins. Back around the checkpoint, go left and use the moving stone blocks to wall jump up to the next tier. Wait for the last moving stone block above to start moving to the right, then jump off the spring to get on the stone block. Move left to reach the boss door.

Before you go through the double doors, there is a NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin high in the air. Try bouncing off the Dry Bones to hit some hidden blocks. There are a total of 4 pairs of blocks, but you don't need to reveal them all. Once you have one or two, wait for a flying question block to pass near one of the revealed blocks and hit the question block to stop its movement. Use these blocks to get the Star Coin. Now you can confront Bowser Jr.!

Boss: Bowser Jr.[edit]

Bowser Jr. is almost out of arenas to fight you with, but this one is definitely the hardest yet. There are stone blocks moving over bottomless pits, as well as two Rocket Engines on either side of the main platform to limit your retreat. Bowser Jr. himself utilizes his shell-slinging strategy. Like before, knock his shells back at him to knock Bowser Jr. down, then stomp on him to do damage. Three stomps or a bunch of fireballs will take him out. If you're lucky or time it right, you can knock a Koopa shell to the left and have it bounce back to the right and into Bowser Jr.

Star Coins[edit]

  1. After jumping from the second moving platform to the stationary platform, fall back to the moving platform on the left side and leap to the Star Coin on a ledge to the left.
  2. Get on to the moving stone block below the platform circled by Spike Tops and duck to pass through the gap. Avoid the Spike Tops and the stone block to reach the Star Coin in this small subsection.
  3. At the boss door, bounce off the Dry Bones to hit sets of blocks above you. Use a passing question block to reach the stationary blocks and jump to the final Star Coin.