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One of the few areas in World 3 that do not feature bodies of water, this level has many moving mushroom platforms like the ones in World 1. From slow and wide shifting mushrooms to extremely rowdy erratic-moving mushrooms, staying balanced is key to clearing this dizzying course.

Level walkthrough[edit]

Immediately from the start, you can see a very wide mushroom platform. This mushroom, and many others like it, tilt left and right at different speeds and angles. On this first mushroom is a red Koopa Troopa, whose shell can be used to hit the block hanging from the stone landmass to the right of the mushroom, which contains a 1-Up. There are two more long mushrooms after this, which contains a red Koopa and some Goombas. This Koopa's shell is also very useful, as you can use it to defeat the Goombas for some points, and potentially a 1-Up.

After a hill, you will face a pair of scale platforms. Make some quick jumps past it to the next stretch of land, where you will trigger the checkpoint. Go down the yellow warp pipe to get to a bonus area. Go right on to the long mushroom and you can see a NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin pretty high up in the air. Get rid of the red Koopa, then make a careful dashing jump to obtain it. Go into the green pipe to return to the main stage. After emerging from the pipe, there are some more scale platforms. While there are also thin platforms below, you must use the scale platforms to reach a NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin on a very high stone platform.

After the Star Coin, you must jump to the mushroom platform. Prepare for a thrilling ride, as the mushroom platform will tilt and move very erratically back-and-forth. Focus on staying around the center of the mushroom, since you won't get thrown off and are unlikely to fall off yourself. Ride the mushroom across the abyss, then cross over to some more scale platforms. You can trigger a red ring along these platforms. The 5th and 6th rings require you to make the last platform to drop off to safely collect, while the others are more obvious to snatch.

There is one final stretch of abyss left, but crossing it is going to be tricky. There is a mushroom platform that moves similar to the last, and you have to stay on it for an agonizing amount of time. To make things worse, there are also some Koopa Paratroopas along the path, so you can't choose to stay in a single spot for the entire ride. There is also a NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin near the middle of the journey. Staying in the middle of the platform remains a sound strategy, but you might want to stick to the edges to gain more height when going for the Star Coin. Past the abyss is the flagpole, complete with some solid blocks to help you get as high on it as possible.

Star Coins[edit]

  1. In a bonus area accessible from a pipe soon after the checkpoint. Do a well-timed jump on the moving mushroom to get it.
  2. Use the second set of scale platforms to reach a high up ledge, where the coin is located.
  3. In the air above the final abyss. The moving mushroom makes it difficult to collect.

Alternate exit[edit]

Back on the first erratic-moving mushroom, you might notice a set of pipes while crossing the wide pit. The pipe you want to go down is the green-colored one at the right, which takes you to a secret area with a P-Switch and a Spin Block. The P-Switch creates a ton of silver coins that you can use the Spin Block to collect. After you're done, go down the right pipe to reach the flagpole area. You must hop across some more tilting platforms before you get to the pole.

Going through this exit leads you to World 3-B, a level which continues the athletic challenge and which can act as a major shortcut across the world.