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Your first trek into the rocky World 6 mountains doesn't have a lot of interesting features. Bullet Bill Launchers installed along the mountain path is the Koopa Troop's basic defensive measure. Scale and jump around this vast cavernous tunnel, and tread carefully on thin cliffside paths, especially when there are Bullet Bills close by!

Level walkthrough[edit]

Go right at the start and you should run into a Bullet Bill Launcher not long after. You've probably encountered these stationary obstacles back in the World 2-Castle, but they appear more frequently here. The launchers point in alternate directions, switching to the opposite side whenever a shot is fired. Remember that Bullet Bill Launchers will not activate if you're standing next to them. Proceed forward and watch out for the next pair of launchers ahead.

After the second launcher pair, you will get to the first instance of a narrow path. It is too thin to run across, so you can only move along it slowly. Your jumps are also much lower, but fortunately it is impossible to fall off. You can switch between being above the path or hanging below it using the Neutral dpad, a mechanic that you must use right away to dodge incoming Bullet Bills. You want to be walking on the path when a Bullet Bill is fired low, while hanging from the path lets you dodge high Bullet Bills. You will also have to deal with more Bullet Bills coming from another launcher to the right.

After you pass the third Bullet Bill launcher, you can see an arc of coins over some steps downward. Jump and collect the coins to land on the ledge to your right. Now, wall jump to the left, following a higher series of coins to reach the first NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin. Go down the stone steps and go right. You can wall jump up the first gap in the ceiling for some coins and a power-up. Go right some more and it becomes necessary to use your wall jump to get up a vertical shaft. When you get to the ledge below a block, make a jump to your left to get on a higher ledge with the second NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin. Return to the previous ledge and jump over the hill to trigger the checkpoint flag.

Run to the right across a rather peaceful stretch of ground. A red Paratroopa will soon appear, and you must wall jump following the trail of coins near where it spawns to progress. You will get to another narrow path, this time with three green Paratroopas hovering around it. Again, switch sides to avoid colliding with the Paratroopas and you should cross the narrow path without any trouble. After the narrow path are a large column of Bullet Bill Launchers.

If you happen to have a Mini Mushroom, you can use it here. Get on the stone block above the launchers, then make a jump to the right while mini to land on the ceiling of the area below. In addition to the coins, there is a tiny warp pipe here. Go down it to be taken to a bonus area with a some coins, mini Goombas and a rare Star! You will have to backtrack for a Star Coin though. If you're going through this level normally, you have to go across two narrow paths with Bullet Bills fired at you from both sides. The second narrow path also contains a NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin that you must collect by hanging from the path. At the end, jump on one last Bullet Bill to get launched to the top of the flagpole.

Star Coins[edit]

  1. After the third pair of Bullet Bill Launchers, jump following the coins to the ledge to the right, then wall jump off following the higher trail of coins to get the Star Coin.
  2. To the left and above of the checkpoint flag is a cave with the Star Coin. Simply jump to the ledge to obtain it.
  3. This Star Coin is suspended on the lower half of the narrow path, meaning that you must be hanging from the cliff path to get it. Be wary of the Bullet Bills coming in from the left.