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Engage in a set of stylus driven mini-games with 1-4 people. When playing with other people, only one game card is needed (although each player must have a DS). The games you can play depend on the number of players. There are 5 categories of minigames, each representing a different style of play. The categories are: Action (Games based on skill with the stylus), Puzzle (Games based on intelligent thought), Table (Games based mostly on luck), Variety (Games that do not fit in other genres, not a genre in 2-player) and 1-on-1 (Games where you actions affect the other player, and vice-versa. 2-player only).

Some of the 1-player games are exactly the same as those in Super Mario 64 DS.

The mini-games themselves, grouped by genre, are:


Snowball Slalom[edit]

  • Get Snowman's head through an icy course, avoiding rocks and giant penguins along the way.
  • Rub the touch screen to make Snowman's head move. Do not touch his head, as this will slow you down. As you move, the head will get bigger, making it harder to avoid obstacles and increasing your speed.
    • Moving is more efficient if you stroke the touch screen like you might do to a cat rather than rubbing it like you might do to a dog. Either way, do it quickly for best results.
  • Hitting a rock or penguin will make you smaller (good) and stop you in your tracks (bad). Avoid them!
    • You can rebound off the wall of the course with no ill effects, this can be handy in some situations.
  • You only have 20 seconds to finish this game.

Vs. Lakitu Launch

Lakitu Launch[edit]

  • Shoot as many Spinies as you can into the baskets.
  • Once a certain number of Spinies have been shot in a basket, the basket will stop moving and fall a bit, doing this again will make it plummet to the ground.
    • This can be both good and bad.
  • There is no countdown to the start of this game.
  • You have 30 seconds to fling Spinies into the bucket.
  • In two player mode, each of the baskets is a different colour, fling the Spinies only in your basket, or they will give your opponent score.

Run, Bob-omb! Run!

Danger, Bob-omb! Danger![edit]

  • Avoid fireballs and Bowser's breath for as long as possible.
  • Move your Bob-omb using the stylus.
    • While it is possible to achieve a decent score simply by tapping where you want to go, it is much easier to simply hold your stylus on the Stylus button
  • The statue of Bowser will periodically move and breathe fire, beware, the flame itself is not hard to avoid but it can pin you to one side.
  • Fireballs move slowly, but can be hard to see and they are very numerous.
  • In multiplayer, bumping your foe will not affect him, but it will affect you.
    • Use this to your advantage by blocking your opponent.


  • Whack moles as they come out of their holes using the stylus. Don't hit Luigi though.
  • While hitting a mole gives 1 point, whacking Luigi will take 3 away. Be careful.
  • In multiplayer, there are 3 levels of difficulty. The higher the difficulty, the less moles there will be, and, as a result, more Luigis.

Balloon Racing[edit]

  • Blow into the microphone to make Yoshi rise. Get to the top before time runs out!
  • You have 20 seconds to finish this game.
  • Running into a Fly Guy will cause you lose a balloon.
    • You only have 2 balloons, so if you get hit twice you lose.

Snowball Slam[edit]

  • Hurl snowballs at each other! Highest scorer wins!
  • Tapping the top of the Stylus button will throw a snowball, while tapping the bottom will cause you to move to that point.
  • Around the playing field are snowmen, ducking behind one of these will provide temporary cover.
  • You have 10 snowballs, fling these rapidly for best results.
    • If you run out of snowballs, tap a snowman (or the remains of one) to get a new batch.
  • Hitting your opponent will yield 5 points, while hitting a snowman gives 1.
  • Not available in single player.



  • The top screen shows either Mario, Luigi, Wario, or Yoshi. Find him in the tough screen and tap him with the Stylus button.
  • You start with a set amount of time, which increases by 5 when you tap the right character. If you tap the wrong character, it decreases by 10.
  • Luigi is likely the hardest, as he has a face similar to Mario's, and his hat is green like Yoshi. However, he can be spotted by his narrow eyes and pointed chin.
  • Wario is the easiest, as he is unlike any other character. If you get him, you can spot him very easily.
  • The most time possible is 50 seconds.

Which Wiggler?[edit]

  • Tap the Wiggler on the touch screen that matches the one on the top screen.
  • As with Wanted!, your time limit increases by 5 if you tap the right Wiggler, but decreases by 10 if you tap the wrong one.

Hide and Boo Seek[edit]

  • The touch screen will show Boos moving around, then turn black. Rub it with the stylus to light up areas of it to try to find the hiding Boos.
  • You have a time limit of 3 seconds per level, however unlike in Wanted! and Which Wiggler?, it does not increase or cross over from level to level.
    • After level 15, however, you have a time limit of 2 seconds per level.

Puzzel Panel[edit]

  • Tap a panel on the touch screen to try to match the top screen.
  • Each panel turns over itself and all the others touching it. (horizontally, vertically, and diagonally)
  • You have three lives, and a set amount of turns per level.

Loves Me…?


  • 40 Coins will fall down from the sky and fall into blocks.
    • Watch them and try to remember where as many coins as possible go.
  • Tap the blocks to get the coins.
  • However, if you pick a block with no coins in it, the game will end.
  • If you have friends helping you, this game is so easy it's not even funny.
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  • In 1-player mode, coins and levels stay from each play of a game to another play of the same game.


Memory Match[edit]

  • A game of Memory. Pick matching cards to make them disappear.
  • When all the cards are gone, you win.
  • You have three lives.

Picture Poker[edit]

  • A game of Poker.
    • Luigi deals and gets five random cards. You cannot see Luigi's.
    • Pick the cards you want to exchange by tapping them, then press "Draw".
    • Try to draw/hold cards to get matching cards. Possible sets of cards are shown on the top screen.
    • The numbers on the top screen are multiplied by the amount of coins you bet to determine how many coins you get.
    • If your hand loses to Luigi's, (is lower than his on the chart) you lose as many coins as you bet.
    • If your hands are equal, the better hand is determined by the best card.
  • Starman is the best card, then Mario, Luigi, Fire Flower, Super Mushroom, and Cloud.

Luigi's Thrilling Cards


Bob-omb Reverse


  • The goal of the game is to clear the entire table.
  • Tap matching cards that are touching horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to remove them, and two more cards will be dealt until Luigi runs out of cards.
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Mario's Slides[edit]

  • Draw lines on the touch screen to guide Mario to the Star.
    • Draw them near the top to leave more room - they stay in the next level (they clear every five levels, though)
    • To make Mario fall faster, tap one of the arrows to the left or right.
  • Make sure he doesn't land in a Piranha Plant - if he does, it's game over.
  • In some levels, there will be multiple Marios and Stars. You can make multiple Marios go to the same star, as long as all the Marios land on a Star.

Sort or 'Splode[edit]

  • If a Bob-omb explodes, it's game over.
  • They'll come through the doors at the top and bottom of the screen.
  • Sort them onto the right color carpet - black Bob-ombs to the black carpet and red Bob-ombs to the red carpet. Once sorted, they won't explode.
    • Work quickly - if you don't sort them fast enough, they'll explode.
    • If you mis-sort a Bob-omb, it'll explode.
    • When you gather forty Bob-ombs on one carpet, that carpet will be cleared and counted. This is important because if a Bob-omb explodes on a carpet, it'll take all the Bob-ombs on that carpet with it.
  • Your score is the number of Bob-ombs on the carpets plus the number of Bob-ombs cleared off the carpets.

Bounce and Trounce[edit]

  • Tap Mario to make him bounce. He bounces away from your stylus - if you tap him on the right, he'll bounce to the left.
  • Stomp on the Fly Guys and stay in the air. You have three lives - each time a Mario falls off the screen, you lose one.
    • If you hit a Fly Guy from underneath, he'll hit you downward and possibly knock you off the screen.
  • If you lose all three lives, it's game over.
  • Your score is how many Fly Guys you stomp.

Bob-omb Squad[edit]

  • Protect the four flowers on the bottom of the screen from the falling Bob-ombs.
  • When all of the flowers are dead, it's game over.
  • Use the slingshot with your stylus to shoot the Bob-ombs out of the air.
    • You get more points if you hit multiple Bob-ombs in one shot. Each Bob-omb gets you a doubling amount of points - 100 for the first, 200 for the second, 400 for the third, and so on; up to a max of 3200 points.
  • Hit Lakitu to clear the screen.
    • You get 100 points for each Bob-omb.

Trampoline Time[edit]

  • Marios will appear from the left side of the screen.
  • Draw a trampoline on the touch screen to bounce them to the exit. (the area that's lit up on the right side) They disappear when Mario hits them.
    • You can only have three trampolines on-screen at any given moment.
    • If they aren't hit, the trampolines disappear after a few seconds.
    • There is a special trampoline that appears at the beginning of the game - it takes three hits to disappear and never disappears if it isn't hit.
  • You have three lives and lose one each time a Mario falls off the screen.


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