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Box artwork for Super Mario 64 DS.
Box artwork for Super Mario 64 DS.
Super Mario 64 DS
Year released2004
System(s)Nintendo DS, Wii U
ModesSingle player, Multiplayer
Rating(s)CERO All agesESRB EveryoneOFLC Parental GuidancePEGI Ages 3+
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Super Mario 64 DS is a re-release, updated port of Super Mario 64. As such, it is a 3D platform game with some adventure elements. It was developed and released by Nintendo on November 21, 2004.

The DS version raises the total number of Power Stars to 150, offers a choice of four playable characters, and features multiplayer and mini-game modes.


There is a slight plot twist from the original: this time, Yoshi, Luigi, and Wario also enter the spotlight. However, Mario, Luigi, and Wario are also trapped in the castle, and Yoshi has to save them!

Table of Contents


Castle ground floor
  1. Bob-omb Battlefield0 stars required
  2. Whomp's Fortress1 star required
  3. Jolly Roger Bay3 stars required
  4. Cool, Cool Mountain3 stars required
  5. Big Boo's Haunt12/15 stars required
  6. Bowser in the Dark World8/12 stars required
Castle basement floor
  1. Hazy Maze Cave8/12 stars required
  2. Lethal Lava Land8/12 stars required
  3. Shifting Sand Land8/12 stars required
  4. Dire, Dire Docks30 stars required
  5. Bowser in the Fire Sea31 stars required
Castle upper floors
  1. Snowman's Land31 stars required
  2. Wet-Dry World31 stars required
  3. Tall, Tall Mountain31 stars required
  4. Tiny-Huge Island31 stars required
  5. Tick Tock Clock50 stars required
  6. Rainbow Ride50 stars required
  7. Bowser in the Sky70/80 stars required
Secret Levels

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Secret courses and stars
Character courses