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  • Location: Basement. Go through the door with the star on it, and jump in to the pool of metal.
  • Description: Cave level with yellow mist (purple in the DS remake), falling boulders, and a black hole.

Hazy Maze Cave is the sixth course in Super Mario 64. To access this area, you must have beaten Bowser in the Dark World and gotten the basement key.

Star 1: Swimming Beast In The Cavern[edit]

Super Mario 64 DS
Go to the underground lake. Dorrie will be wearing a Wario cap. Grab it, go to the island and punch the rock. It will shatter to bits and a power star will be revealed. Grab it.

Go to the underground lake (go left, round the black hole, past the rocks and down the elevator) and get on Dorrie's (the sea monster's) back. Do a Ground Pound to make him lower his head, and hop onto it. When you're on its head, face the direction you want to go, and it will swim that way. Guide Dorrie to the center island and jump up onto to it to snag another Power Star.

Star 2: Elevate for 8 Red Coins[edit]

A map of Hazy Maze Cave, with all the red coin locations marked out.

At the start, go down the treacherous right-hand path. If you have the Metal Cap, you have nothing to worry about. When you reach the end, jump over to the door and go through it. Then, slide down the pole in the next room. Make a right and you'll find a staircase. Go up it and you'll find an elevator. It has four arrows. Hop onto one and the elevator will move in that direction. Guide it to the three blocks floating in mid-air and punch them to break them, exposing the red coins (there are small barriers in the way that make you slide off the elevator, so be careful).

Next, take the elevator to a platform in the upper-left corner of the room to find another red coin. Guide the elevator back to the beginning, where there is a pole on a platform nearby. Get as close to it as possible or walk-kick up to the pole and climb up it to a platform on the left.

Hop onto the second elevator here and ride it. This elevator will move on a set path. On the way to the fifth coin, punch the block in the way or jump over it. Then time your jump carefully and grab the sixth red coin on the first of two small platforms across the elevator path. Watch out for the Swoops, and grab the last two red coins at the end. The Power Star will appear below. Grab your prize!

Star 3: Metal Head Mario Can Move![edit]

It is a good idea to have completed the Cavern of the Metal Cap to make getting this star much easier. Go down to the Underground Lake and break open the green cap block there. Grab the Metal Cap and run down the path and follow it underwater to a switch. Stand on the switch to open the gate to the Abandoned Mine. If you have not yet completed the Cavern of the Metal Cap, the switch can be triggered using a Ground Pound onto it from the ledge next to it. Go in the mine, and whatever you do, avoid the Scuttlebug. Another one will appear if you kill one and then the next and so on. Do a long jump two times to get across the platforms to reach the star.

Star 4: Navigating The Toxic Maze[edit]

It is a good idea to have completed the Cavern of the Metal Cap to make getting this star much easier.

When you enter the level, go to the right again. Navigate past the gaps, and jump over the gap at the end. Go through the door and slide down the pole. Go down the second hallway on your left, which should be green, and enter the wooden door at the end. Follow the path and drop down into the small hole at the end.

You are now in the Toxic Maze. The gas in the maze is poisonous to Mario. If the Health Meter drops too low, be sure to get onto higher ground and look for coins, or an enemy to defeat. The Metal Cap will protect Mario from the gas, so wear it at all times when possible. Start here by going past the green cap block (use it if you have unlocked it), and take a right. You will come to an intersection, take a left and go around the corner past the door. Keep following the path and look up occasionally for a steel door up on a ledge, since it's difficult to see it from the ground. Once you hop up onto the ledge and go through the steel door, watch out for Swoops and fireballs from the Chomp Heads, and take the elevator at the end to reach the star.

Star 5: A-maze-ing Emergency Exit[edit]

Go into the Toxic Maze for this star. Use the Metal Cap if you have it. Find the blue coin box in the Hazy Maze. Ground Pound it and follow the trail of blue coins. Where the pillar of blue coins is, backflip up to the hole in the wall and go through the steel door. Follow the hall way until you get to the elevator. Take the elevator up. Go through the door. Up here, you will have to swing across the bars to get to the star (jump up and hold A button) or do a Long Jump from the last step and get to the star. Don't fall or the black hole awaits you. If you can make it across safely, grab the star!

Star 6: Watch For Rolling Rocks[edit]

Super Mario 64 DS
Take Wario into the level and head down the left path, following the mesh beyond the door to reach the ramp with the rolling boulders. Wario can break the boulders with his attacks, so wait for the boulders to roll towards you and jump kick them. After breaking four a power star will appear. A much easier way is to have Wario break the black block in this area and grab the giant mushroom inside. With this power-up you can simply stand in front of the rocks and they will break, also giving you the star.

Go to the black hole area and jump over to the falling rocks. Go up the path where they fall and take a right to where the door to the Underground Lake is. Don't get hit by any rocks, because they pack a wallop! When you reach the door, wall-jump up the two walls by it. You'll reach a small alcove with the star inside.

Star 7: Underground Switch Star (Super Mario 64 DS)[edit]

As Wario, go to the Hazy Maze entrance. There is a Black Brick Block. Punch it and step on the Star Switch. The Star will appear near the pole to the checkered platform. Quickly run to that area and grab the Star. It helps if you get Mario or Luigi's cap after breaking the block.

Star 8: 100 Coins[edit]

Super Mario 64 DS
Some of the coins from the Swoopers are missing. There are Goombas around the level that you can use instead.

Collect 100 coins. This is one of the harder 100 coin stars in the game, as there are a lot of coins that disappear after a short time, and a lot of pits that coins can fall down to be lost forever.

  1. At the start, stomp on the Scuttlebug for three coins.
  2. Take the right path, and another Scuttlebug will jump out of the pit. Stomp on it for another three coins.
  3. There is a line of five coins after the pit.
  4. Head into the door at the end of the path, and slide down the pole. There are two more Scuttlebugs down here for six coins in total.
  5. Get the first four red coins as described in that section of the walkthrough.
  6. Head into the door that leads into the Hazy Maze Cave. There are five coins leading into it.
  7. Jump into the cave. There's a Snifit up ahead that gets you two coins.
  8. Go straight and to the right, where you will find a blue coin switch. Do not press it just yet. Instead, turn left and kill the four Swoopers for four coins. The Metal Cap is very handy for this part.
  9. Grab the Metal Cap if you haven't already, hit the blue coin switch, and then run very quickly to get 7 blue coins. You need to turn back the way you came, go to the right, and then follow the path.
  10. At the end of the blue coin trail, it leads up to a little alcove with a door. Enter the door and kill the two Swoopers contained within that room.
  11. At the end of that room, there is an elevator. Go up the elevator and enter the door at the top. You'll find yourself above the Black Hole. Jump up and grab onto the cage, and get the five yellow coins that lead to the A-maze-ing Emergency Exit star.
  12. Turn around and head back the way you came. Instead of taking the right path which leads to the star, take the middle path, which leads to a ! Block with a 1-Up. Jump down to the bottom and kill either a Scuttlebug or a Swooper.
  13. Head up the way with the rolling rocks. There are five coins on that way.
  14. Head through the door at the end, where there are eight coins surrounding a ! Block with a 1-Up.
  15. Go down to the underground lake and get the eight coins that surround the star on the island. You should have 100 coins.

1-Up Locations[edit]

The following is a list of where to find all four green mushrooms.

  • Continually jump on the moles in two locations in the maze (two 1ups).
  • Inside a ! Block above the Black Hole.
  • Inside a ! Block before the entrance to the lake.