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  • Location: Second floor. The entrance to this course is located behind the staircase. It is a picture smaller than the rest along the wall of the main room, depicting mushrooms growing on a mountainside.
  • Description: As the name suggests, Tall, Tall Mountain is a rather tall mountain with a secret slide, large waterfall, and cap-obsessed monkeys.
  • Bob-omb Buddy: Start going up the mountain. On the platform just before the first monkey, look down. There he is, buddy!!

Tall, Tall Mountain is the twelfth course. Can be accessed after unlocking the second floor.

Star 1: Scale The Mountain[edit]

At the very top of the mountain. It may easier to climb up above the Monty Moles than to go the normal way because you skip the rolling log.

When climbing above the gophers, you should backflip as it is much easier. Carry on going up, then long jump past the water fall to the other side. After a little way you will see a purple "!" switch. Ignore this, and carry on to the narrow stone ledge, cross this and then go to the top of the mountain. You will see the star now.

Star 2: Mystery Of The Monkey Cage[edit]

Go to the very top again and catch the monkey. He will ask you to let him go. Agree to let him go, then follow him and he will open the cage for you. The star will end up far, far below on a platform by the bottom of the waterfall.

Star 3: Scary 'Shrooms, Red Coins[edit]

A map of Tall, Tall Mountain, with all the red coin locations marked out.

Get all 8 red coins.

  1. The first four are found on the mushrooms near the beginning. Jump carefully, as one wrong step means falling to your death.
  2. The other four are found around the corner, on the cliff face above the Monty Moles.

Once you have all eight, jump back down to the Monty Moles. The star is on the mushroom right off the mountain, so long-jump to reach it.

Star 4: Mysterious Mountainside[edit]

Close to the top of the mountain, there is a square portion of cliff that ripples if you brush by it. Jump in to get on the secret slide. When the track splits (it will be marked by arrows beforehand), keep right. You have to go fast enough to make it across the jumps, so don't slow down. If you get to the bottom, your reward is a star.

If you die here, whenever you go back in the painting, you will find yourself back here until you beat the level.

Alternatively, you can skip the slide altogether, and jump on the Fly Guy's head (he's by the big brown log), and helicopter into the alcove with the star in it (the slide exit.) Note that the only way to do this on the DS version is to use Luigi's invisibility power.

Star 5: Breathtaking View from (the) Bridge[edit]

Super Mario 64 DS
You need Wario for this star, as the star is contained in a black brick block.

Climb up the mountain all the way to where the waterfall starts. On the bridge right before that, you will be able to see a small hole behind the waterfall. The star is contained there. Press the purple switch to make a box appear and quickly run to the bridge, and jump across to get your star.

This was moved to star 7 in Super Mario 64 DS.

Star 6: Blast To The Lonely Mushroom[edit]

Method 1

First, you have to unlock the cannon by talking to the Pink Bomb-omb Buddy. The Bob-omb Buddy is standing on a hard to find ledge. Take the hard way up the hill, past the Climb with the moles. Just past the Chuckya, there is a wooden plank, and after the plank is a small island. Look down to your left to find a small gap where the Bob-omb Buddy is. Jump down and talk to him to unlock the cannon.

Now, go back to the area with the moles and long jump to the mushroom where the red coin star is. From there, long jump again to the pathway far below to the left. Another way to access the path is to go to the mushrooms with the red coins. On the mushrooms with the red coins, there are three little mushrooms just past the yellow exclamation box. Stand on the middle one to warp to the beginning of the cannon path. Carefully go down the path and over to the cannon. Shoot to the mushroom with the star out on it by aiming the cannon such that the top of the mushroom is just within the bottom boundary of the camera.

Method 2

Alternatively, you can simply jump on the fly guy before the rolling log and helicopter to the lonely mushroom with the Star on it.

Star 6: 5 Secrets of the Mountain (Nintendo DS)[edit]

As Mario, climb to the top of the mountain and get the Wing Cap. There are five rings of coins with one coin in the center. The coin in the center is the one you are aiming for. You will need to take a couple landings. After collecting the five coins, the Star will appear at the top of the mountain.

Star 7: 100 Coins[edit]

Super Mario 64 DS
This method won't work in the DS version, as there is now a grating at the Slide's exit, meaning you must collect all the coins without going into the Slide. In this case, you should get the 8 red coins as detailed previously, and climb to the very top. When you get there, there is a ? Block, and if you're Mario, there is a Wing Cap inside. Grab it, and fly around, collecting the coins from the 5 Secrets of the Mountain star. There are 45 in total, so once you have collected all of them, do the very last step of the N64 method, and you should have the star.

Collect 100 coins.

  1. Right when you start, there are 3 Goombas for three coins.
  2. Head backwards and to the right, past the 1-Up and into the abyss. The wind will catch you and pick you up, so don't worry. There are three Bob-ombs for 3 coins.
  3. A little further, there is a Chuck-ya. Chuck it and collect the five coins it produces.
  4. Walk over the bridge, and get the five coins on that bridge.
  5. There is a Fly-Guy here. Be careful when ground-pounding it, as it can be difficult to get the two coins from up here.
  6. Get to the other side of the rolling log, and take the lower path. There are two Bob-ombs here for two coins.
  7. You are now at the top of the cliff face where the red coins were. There is a grille made out of vines that you can grab onto, with five coins in a line underneath. Be wary of the Monty Moles.
  8. Further up the mountain, there are another three Goombas for three coins.
  9. Keep going forward, jump over the gap near the waterfall, and get the five coins near the entrance to the Secret Slide.
  10. Jump into the Secret Slide, and collect as many of the coins as you can. Don't worry if you don't manage to collect all of them, you can come back later.
  11. Once you've finished the Secret Slide, jump out the exit, and you'll land right where you started. Take the lower path this time, and you'll find a coin ring with 8 coins. You should have enough for the star by now.

1-Up Locations[edit]

The following is a list of where to find all 11 green mushrooms in Tall, Tall Mountain.

  • Behind the start, there is a very small ledge. A 1-Up is sitting there.
  • Inside a ! Block on one of the mushrooms in the group with the red coins.
  • If you continually jump on the Monty Moles, you can get a 1-Up. There are two groups of Monty Moles, so two 1-Ups can be acquired.
  • One of the ledges on the cliff with the red coins has a 1-Up.
  • Hidden near the waterfall but before the entrance to the Secret Slide, there is a 1-Up on a ledge.
  • If you walk in all the corners of the room that you land in when you enter the Secret Slide, a 1-Up appears.
  • Just outside that room but before the Slide, there's a 1-Up hiding behind the right wall.
  • There are two 1-Ups on the Slide itself.