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Yoshi's minigames are puzzle games. All of them require some thought.


It’s easy to get lost in a crowd! Find the one who disappeared and touch him. There he is!

In this minigame, you need to find the character in the crowd that matches the picture of the character on the top screen (Yoshi, Mario, Luigi, or Wario). If you find him, you will get five seconds added onto your timer. If you choose the wrong character, you will lose ten seconds from the timer. Sometimes levels are harder because the characters move. In some levels, the characters are trying to get past each other.

Loves Me...?[edit]

Play this mini-game for advice on your love life! Pluck the petals to find out how your crush feels about you.

No real point of this minigame, as your score isn't recorded. You just pluck some flower petals off a flower, only to find out your crush actually HATES you! Anyway, you need to touch the flower petals to pluck the flower. Every time you touch a petal, the words "Loves Me" or "Loves Me Not" appear on the screen, and will alternate back and forth. This will show you what words will come up every time you pluck a flower:

  • Loves Me
  • Loves Me Not
  • Really Loves Me!
  • Really Loves Me... Not!

Sometimes there's a glitch where there are only 1 or 2 petal(s) and when you complete the level on the next one, it plucks off all the petals instantly and ends with the "Loves Me Not" screen, but without the text.

Hide and Boo Seek[edit]

Rub the Touch Screen where the Boos are hiding! For the first 15 levels, you get 3 seconds to find them. After that, you only get 2 seconds.

At the start of this minigame, a Boo will turn the lights off, and you will need to find all of the Boos before time runs out. To find them, rub the Touch Screen where they are hiding. In later levels, more Boos will appear, making it harder to find them all. For the first fifteen levels, you get three seconds to find them, but after that, you only get two seconds!

Puzzle Panel[edit]

Match the Touch Screen picture to the top screen. Touch a panel to turn over the surrounding panels. Harder levels will take more turns to solve.

In this minigame, there will be a picture with different panels on them (Mushrooms and Cape Feathers). You will need to touch a panel to flip it over (as well as the panels surrounding it) to match the Touch Screen picture with the top screen picture. Harder levels require more turns to solve. You have three chances to match the pictures.

Boom Box[edit]

Each time you open a treasure chest, you’ll hear a sound. Open 2 chests with the same sound. Win by matching all the pairs!

There are six treasure chests that make different sounds when you open them. Touch two treasure chests that make the exact same sound. You have three chances to match them all up. In some levels, there are eight treasure chests. In some levels, the sounds are very hard to distinguish from one another (requiring you to pay attention to which speaker the sound comes out of).

Tox Box Shuffle[edit]

Oh, no! Yoshi’s trapped in a Tox Box! Find which one he’s in to save him!

Yoshi got trapped in a Tox Box, and you will have to save him! There are three Tox Boxes on the screen, one of them containing Yoshi. The Tox Boxes will move around, switching places with each other (similar to shell games). In later levels, there are two Yoshis, and you will have to choose the right one. You get two chances to rescue Yoshi.

Which Wiggler?[edit]

Touch the Wiggler on the Touch Screen that matches the top screen. Choose carefully, though; he has a terrible temper.

There are a few Wigglers that appear on the Touch Screen, one of them matching the one on the top screen. If you choose the right one, five seconds will be added to the timer. If you choose the wrong one, ten seconds will be taken off of your score. In later levels, there will be more Wigglers, making it harder to find the right one.


Line up the slots on the Touch Screen to form a face. Win more coins by matching the center face in the slots to the one on the top screen.

You will need to line up the slots to form a picture (Mario, Luigi, Wario, Yoshi, or Princess Peach) that matches the one on the top screen, similar to the slots in Super Mario Bros. 3. If you line up the slots correctly, you win three coins. If you line them up incorrectly, you will lose three coins. If you line up the center face, you can get six coins.

Puzzle Panic[edit]

This mini-game takes the Puzzle Panel to a whole new level. Put on your thinking cap. You’re going to need it.

This minigame is a harder version of Puzzle Panel, having more panels to flip over. As before, harder levels require more turns to solve, and you get three chances to solve them.