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Battle Fort (also called The Secret of Battle Fort) is an adventure and multiplayer level exclusive to Super Mario 64 DS that is accessible only after you unlock a hero with a cap, since Yoshi cannot break the red bricks blocking the entrance. This stage is found in the courtyard with the boos.

Battle Fort is filled with Big Steelies that will knock you down, Goombas to get in your way, Bob-ombs that drop from the sky, Heave Hos to fling you incredibly high, and a Chuckya that will chuck you to somewhere in the stage, where you could get hit by a Big Steely. In order to get the star here, you will need to track down the five silver stars.

Silver Star Locations[edit | edit source]

A map of The Secret of Battle Fort.
  • Silver Star #1: High up in the middle of the map. Climb the pole or bypass the Chuckya to get it.
  • Silver Star #2: A Goomba at the north edge of the level has it.
  • Silver Star #3: A Goomba at the base of the pole has it.
  • Silver Star #4: Hidden in a red brick in a trench at the northwest.
  • Silver Star #5: Hidden in a red brick at the southeast corner of the level.

The only thing that you can do here is punch them all out and see what they contain. The touchscreen map is very useful here, so keep an eye on it as you run around.

Multiplayer[edit | edit source]

Battle Fort is the biggest of the four courses in multiplayer and all of the enemies have been removed, except for the black rolling balls which only Wario can break. Also, like Sunshine Isles, this course has yellow boxes with feathers that any character can use, whereas in adventure mode, only Mario gets wings.