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Sunshine Isles is an adventure and multiplayer level that is exclusive to Super Mario 64 DS. Once you get 1 power star, go to Peach's Playroom (the place where you can play minigames) to find the Sunshine Isles portrait. When you enter, you'll notice that you're on a little island with an empty sphere surrounded by some coins and a couple of trees. You'll also hear music that might be familiar to you! There is only one Star to collect in this small stage. To get the star, you must find all 5 Silver Stars. While you're at it, you can try shell surfing! You can get a shell from the yellow ! box. The course is based on and named after Super Mario Sunshine, with the course's music being an arrangement of Delfino Plaza's theme.

Silver Star Locations[edit]

A map of Sunshine Isles.
  • Silver Star #1: On the main island with the sleeping Piranha Plant.
  • Silver Star #2: Jump off the island and turn around. It's in an alcove.
  • Silver Star #3: On the north island behind the big main island. Climb up the tree to get it.
  • Silver Star #4: At the west island that has no tree.
  • Silver Star #5: Klepto the Condor is flying around with the last Silver Star in its talons.


It is the second of the four courses in multiplayer, the music has been changed, and all of the enemies are removed. In addition, the yellow box that contained a green Koopa Shell now contains wings (like Battle Fort) which any character can use whereas in the main game, only Mario gets wings.