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Nintendo DS Nintendo 3DS Action
Neutral dpad or Stylus button Neutral cpad, Neutral dpad, or Stylus button Movement - Using the directional pad or circle pad, the character walks by default.
Y button Y button Run - The run button was added due to the limitations of the d-pad in that it cannot alter movement speed between walking and running.
B button B button Jump - After jumping, press B button again when landing on the floor. Press a third time for a triple jump. Press when facing a wall as Mario to wall jump (Yoshi, Luigi and Wario cannot wall jump). With the Wing Cap, this action will launch Mario into the air.
Left dpad + Right dpad + B button) or (Stylus button + B button) (Left dpad + Right dpad + B button) or (Stylus button + B button) Side/cartwheel flip jump - B button must be pressed while making a U-turn. Not easy performing this move
R button + B button R button + B button Backflip
(Neutral dpad or Stylus button) + R button + B button (Neutral cpad, Neutral dpad, or Stylus button) + R button + B button Long Jump
R button R button Duck / Crouch / Create egg (Yoshi only) - If R button is pressed in mid air, a ground pound will be performed. if the circle pad or d pad is pressed in a direction while R button is held, the character will start crawling. If Yoshi has an enemy in his mouth, he will create an egg.
A button A button Punch (Mario, Luigi, or Wario)
Stick tongue out, throw egg (Yoshi) - If the d pad is tilted in a direction and Mario/Luigi/Wario is running, they will perform a dive. If A button is pressed while Mario/Luigi/Wario is in the air, this will be a kick. Yoshi cannot punch, dive or kick, he will instead stick his tongue out.
Neutral dpad or Stylus button) + R button + A button (Neutral cpad, Neutral dpad, or Stylus button) + R button + A button Slide Kick
R button + A button R button + A button Sweep Kick
L button L button Rotate/Center camera
X button X button Zoom in/Look around - The X button toggles between the three levels of zoom.
X button X button Zoom out
Start button Start button Pause menu