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  • Location: Basement. Jump in to the wall at the dead end.
  • Description A desert level with a big flying bird and a pyramid.

Shifting Sand Land is the eighth course in the game. In the maze-like room, the entrance is at a dead end corridor—Not the one with Toad!

Star 1: In The Talons Of The Big Bird[edit]

Look for the giant bird flying around near the pyramid. Stand on one of the four pillars and wait for the bird. When it comes near, grab the star. You can fly over to where the star lands. Also you can shoot from the cannon to fly and catch the star. Or you can make your way to the other side of the pyramid; the quicksand pits near the pyramid will emit a tornado that can lift you up when you jump into it. Use it to get to the bird for the star.

No matter what star you're going after, always play on this star. As long as you play on this star, the Big Bird will hold onto the star, and therefore won't attack you to steal your cap.

Star 2: Shining Atop The Pyramid[edit]

Fly or walk to the top of the pyramid. The star is inside a hole at the top. You can also use the shell at the beginning to get you there the fastest.

Run the course from the start past the Tox box path and around the tornado to line up straight with the pathway onto the side on the Pyramid.. once you line up from standing on the sand you should be able to run and jump twice to land in the hole where the star is.

Star 3: Inside The Ancient Pyramid[edit]

Go inside the pyramid and make your way up to the top. Try and not to get hit too many times – there are many hidden blocks that will fall on you or roll over on you. Try and find the holes in the walls to get away from them.

Star 4: Stand Tall On The Four Pillars[edit]

Super Mario 64 DS
In the DS version, a Brick covered the entrance to Eyerok's chamber. You can still fight it as Yoshi by breathing flames into each eye. Wario needs to hit each eye only twice.

Stand on each of the four pillars outside the pyramid. Be careful not to fall down, for it is hard to do so. The top of the pyramid will blast away. Go to it and go in the hole. Ride the elevator down, and jump in to the hole in the big sandy/beige block checkered with red. Inside, you have to beat the pyramid boss, Eyerok, who is just two big stone hands with his eyes in the palms, by hitting the eyes on his hands three times each.

Star 5: Free Flying for 8 Red Coins[edit]

A map of Shifting Sand Land, with all the red coin locations marked out.

Get all eight red coins:

  • Coin One: When you start, turn around and walk straight to get the coin.
  • Coin Two: Smash the block under the stone roof nearer the Tox Box Maze.
  • Coin Three: Near the cannon (the area with the Tox Boxes).
  • Coin Four: In the oasis.
  • Coins 5-8: Each coin is near a corresponding pillar. You have to fly through the air to get the coins.

The star appears on top of the stone roof.

This Star was moved to Star 7 in Super Mario 64 DS.

Star 5: Tox Box Switch Star (Nintendo DS)[edit]

As Wario, go to the Tox Box area. There is a Black Brick on a platform. Punch the brick and step on the Star Switch. Use the teleport or the cannon to get to the Star, located near the oasis.

Star 6: Pyramid Puzzle[edit]

Super Mario 64 DS
In the DS version, the coins are replaced by Silver Stars, and you must pick Star 6 to be able to complete this level.

Enter the pyramid, and make your way to the top. Right before the star, there is a hole in the barrier around the platform. Look down. Jump to the platform below you and collect the coin there. There are two more platforms like this slightly below the first platform; jump onto them and collect their coins. Next, jump in to the stream of sand and get the two coins going down there. If you collected all five of the coins in the path, the star will appear at the end.

Star 7: Get 100 Coins[edit]

Super Mario 64 DS
In the DS version, the blue coin switch gives out 4 blue coins, not 3. This means you can ignore the Goombas on the first floor of the pyramid.

Collect 100 coins.

  1. When you start, turn around and walk straight to get a red coin.
  2. Turn back and kill the two Bob-ombs there for two coins.
  3. Jump on the Fly-Guy for two coins.
  4. Grab the Crazy Box, and you'll be lifted into the air three times. When you land, the box explodes, and you can get five coins.
  5. Head over to the stone roof. Near it is a Pokey. Destroy its head for a blue coin.
  6. Under the stone roof there are two Goombas. Kill them for two coins.
  7. The Brick Block near the Tox Box Maze contains another red coin.
  8. Grab the crate and throw it at one of the columns of the stone roof. It breaks, and you can get 3 coins.
  9. Nearby there is another Pokey. It also contains a blue coin.
  10. Grab a Wing Cap and fly around, collecting the four red coins up in the air as well as the four yellow coins on top of the pillars, for 12 coins total.
  11. On the other side of the pyramid, there is a third Pokey, with another blue coin.
  12. Grab the five yellow coins in a line between the two pillars.
  13. There is a second Crazy Box with five more coins.
  14. Once again, there is yet another Pokey with a blue coin.
  15. Head inside the pyramid. NOTE: Once you enter the pyramid, you can't get out and collect more coins outside unless you get another star! To the left, there is a blue coin block, which generates 3 blue coins in a column.
  16. There are five Goombas on the bottom floor, two to the left and three to the right.
  17. Past the Goombas to the right and the Thwomp, there are two coins.
  18. Climb up to the second floor. A little further on, under the net, there are 8 coins in a ring.
  19. There are three Goombas here as well, one right past the coin ring, and two right near the pole to get up to the third floor.
  20. On the third floor, there is another net with 5 coins in a line.
  21. Just past that there are four coins on a staircase-like formation. You should have at least 100 coins by now.

1-Up Locations[edit]

The following is a list of where to find all 6 or 8 green mushrooms in Shifting Sand Land.

  • Above the quicksand right next to the stone roof.
  • Next to the two quicksand pits which produce tornadoes on the starting side of the level.
  • One appears by climbing to the top of the palm tree next to the oasis.
  • There is one in the ! Block on the pyramid.
  • Step on all 5 platforms in the quicksand and it will appear in the pyramid.
  • Super Mario 64 Exclusive: There are two ! Blocks on the bottom floor of the pyramid with 1-Ups.
  • Above the jumping Thwomp on the bottom floor.
  • On the top of the net with 8 coins in a ring.


There are two warps available on Shifting Sand Land. The first will teleport Mario from the oasis palm trees to the cannon. The other, inside the pyramid, teleports Mario one-way from the Romp to the 1-up on top of the cage.