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! Blocks[edit]

There are four different types of ! Blocks in the game.

  • Red: Contains a Wing Cap. (64 Only)
  • Blue: Contains a Vanish Cap. (64 Only)
  • Green: Contains a Metal Cap. (64 Only)
  • Yellow: Contains Yellow coins, a Star, a 1-up, or Koopa Shells.

Other Blocks[edit]


Pick these up and throw them at something. They usually contain coins. If you leave them alone for too long afterwards, they disappear but appear at their original spot when you leave the radius and come back, but won't release any more coins.


Punch/Kick these to destroy them. Usually contain coins.


Collecting coins refills your power meter.

  • Gold: Restores 1 unit of power. You can collect 100 worth of gold coins to earn a Star. 50 after you finish a course earns you a 1-up.
  • Red: Collect 8 to earn a star. Each is worth 2 Gold coins.
  • Blue: This refills more power than gold and red. They usually disappear after a short time. Each is worth 5 gold coins.

Other Items[edit]

Spinning Heart[edit]

The faster you run through it, the more power you regain.

Koopa Shells[edit]

Ride on it to become invincible and faster.

1-Up Mushroom[edit]

Gives you an extra life.

Super Mario 64 DS exclusive[edit]

? Blocks[edit]

? Blocks contain Power Flowers. The blocks are unusable until Mario presses the ? switch in the castle. Sometimes a Bob-omb comes out instead of a Power Flower.

Black Bricks[edit]

Wario can destroy them.

Ice Blocks[edit]

Yoshi can destroy them (by melting them if he has fire in his mouth).


If a player finds a cap they may turn into that character. A player can choose whether to start with a Wario Cap, a Luigi Cap, or a Mario Cap, but only if the player has unlocked Wario, Luigi, or Mario respectively. You may not play as Yoshi while you're in a course with any of the plumbers, so don't expect to find a Yoshi head lying around. If a player gets hit while wearing a cap, the player will lose that cap. The player has a brief amount of time before the cap dissappears and reappears somewhere else in the level.

Super Mushroom[edit]

Become giant. After destroying eight objects (enemies, signs, pillars) you will get 1-ups for everything you destroy.