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Super Mario 64 DS
This level was renamed Over the Rainbows.

In the 50-star room with the Tick Tock Clock, Rainbow Ride, and Bowser in the Sky levels on the final and last floor, go to the left and enter the hole in the wall opposite the entrance of Rainbow Ride. Collect the eight red coins that are in this level. This is one of the hardest stars in the game. If you fall down from this level you will not lose a life; instead, you will end up outside the castle in the lake, and will have to climb all the way back up to the top of the castle.

Star 1[edit]

Super Mario 64 DS
The red coin star is slightly different in the Nintendo DS version. Most coins are on the same clouds, but the sixth coin is on the cloud right below the fifth coin. Afterwards, fly down to the cannon and aim above the cloud with the poles.

You have to collect all the 8 red coins with a winged cap. (In the DS version, you must be only Mario in order to perform this task.) There are 2 cannons to assist you; the pink Bob-omb that will activate them is near the lower cannon.

  1. Once you start off, do a complete 180 to find a coin directly behind you.
  2. Grab a wing cap, and follow the rainbow near where the red coin was down to a cloud, where there is another red coin.
  3. Replenish the wing cap, turn to your right, and fly down to the cloud with the tree. The third red coin is there.
  4. The fourth red coin is found on a pink platform with a cannon, below the cloud you are currently on.
  5. Open the cannon and shoot to the other pink platform, where there's another cannon. Jump in that cannon and shoot to the poles hanging down from a cloud, where there is another coin.
  6. Slide all the way down, grab the wing cap if needed, and fly back to the cannon you just came out of. Jump in and shoot to the translucent cloud, where there is a coin in the middle. (You can't stand on this cloud! You need to fly straight to the coin and then proceed onto the next step.)
  7. Once again, fly back to the cannon. Jump in and aim above the cloud with the poles. Shoot yourself off and you'll find the last two coins.

The star will appear on the cloud that you started on. Make sure that you always replenish your wing cap whenever you can, so that you don't lose it in the middle of flying around.

Star 2 (Nintendo DS)[edit]

A black brick with the star inside.

The second star is much easier and requires Wario as it's trapped in the black bricks which only he can break. As Wing Mario, fly to the lowest island where the pink Bob-omb, cannon, and Wario cap are. Don the Wario Cap and then enter the cannon. There is a cloud with black bricks and a tree. Aim slightly above the tree's top and fire. Once you grab the tree, slide down and punch the block to get the star. You can also get this star by long jumping from the start of the course as Wario to the block.