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  • Location: Basement. Jump into the fireball picture.
  • Description: A level with lots of lava, a volcano, and little Bullies that look like bombs.

Lethal Lava Land is the seventh course in Super Mario 64. In the maze-like room in the basement is the entrance that leads you there.

Star 1: Boil The Big Bully[edit]

From where you start, long jump the gap, then take two lefts and a right. Go across the puzzle pieces, then head right to find the bully. To get the star, knock the bully off into the lava. The star will appear on a nearby platform, but the ones leading to it will fall, so be careful. You can also get to the wing cap, jump three times to fly, then fly past the puzzle pieces. Jump three times again to take off. Fly to the right to the big bully. Defeat him, then run FAST and jump accurately to make it to the star.

Star 2: Bully The Bullies[edit]

Get to the island just past where the first star was. Knock the three Bullies in to the lava, and another Big Bully will appear. Kill him the same way as star 1.

Star 3: 8 Coin Puzzle With 15 Pieces[edit]

A map of Lethal Lava Land, with all the red coin locations marked out.

Get all 8 red coins. They are all on the puzzle of Bowser that is constantly shifting. If a piece shakes while you are standing on it, jump and kick so the next piece will slide under.

Note: If the picture completes into Bowser, several coins will appear in the middle of the puzzle.

Star 4: Red Hot Log Rolling[edit]

Go to the first platform with a bully at the start and turn right. When you reach the volcano, turn right again. Go onto the spiral "S" walkway, and from looking around you will see a battlefield with 2 Bullies on it.Get there and make a right. There will be a platform where you will have to avoid lava shooters. Once at the other side, get onto the log, and roll it to the left a few times. When there, grab the star.

Alternatively, you can get the Wing Cap near the beginning of the course, and just use it to fly over to the star, or (if you got Star 5 or 6 first and are playing on it) use the shell.

Star 5: Hot Foot It Into The Volcano[edit]

Fly in to the volcano or ride a shiny shell up it and make your way to the top along the wall to the star while dodging bullies, flamethrowers, metal crushing things and climbing poles.

WATCH OUT: This is why you should save your game. If you get stuck between a wall and a step and a bully rams into you, you get stuck and can't move. The only way out is to press reset but if you press start in between when the bully rams into you and recovering from the push you can exit course. This is fixed in the DS version.

Star 6: Elevator Tour In The Volcano[edit]

Go the opposite way in the volcano and ride the 2 elevators up. A series of poles and floating platforms will get you the rest of the way up.

Get Star 5 or 6 before getting any other star in the level. This way, you can play on that star each time you revisit the level, and you'll have access to a shiny shell.

In the DS version, this Star was changed to Inside The Volcano, and the spinning flames were removed. However, this Star is supposed to be the same Star.

Star 7: Flaming Silver Stars (Nintendo DS)[edit]

Use the Koopa shell in the yellow box to coast around picking up the silver stars. Try not to lose it or it will be hard to get the stars.

Star 7: 100 Coins[edit]

Super Mario 64 DS

There are many more coins around the level, and as a result, you can avoid having to go into the volcano at all. Just pick up the coins that come between the steps, and you should get it just the same.

The Blue Coin Switch is hidden inside the Black Brick right ahead from the starting point, therefore you will need Wario to collect the blue coins. Since the coins will appear on lava, you will need the Koopa Shell from the yellow box right next to the blue coin switch. Note that the yellow box will only appear if you select stars 5, 6 or 7.

Collect 100 coins. This can easily be one of the most frustrating 100 coin missions, as the coins from the bullies tend to go into the lava and disappear. As a result, this route ignores all bullies.

It is recommended you are on star 5 or 6, as that will make getting some of the coins much easier.

  1. Head to the first bully, go left and run around the Mr. I a few times to get a blue coin, or 5 normal coins.
  2. A little further on, there are five yellow coins in a line.
  3. Go to the location of the eight red coins just a little further on. Grab them all for 16 coins.
  4. Wait around a while, and eventually, once the puzzle is completed, five yellow coins will appear in the middle.
  5. Head to the end, turn right, and jump down to the next platform, where there are five yellow coins in a line just up ahead.
  6. Run past the Big Bully and jump onto the moving cage. At the end, there's another platform with 8 yellow coins.
  7. Jump over to the raising and lowering platforms and grab the four coins on them.
  8. Head down the curving path, jump over to the raising and lowering platform, and grab five coins.
  9. Backtrack a little bit and jump onto the round platform, where you can get 8 coins in the middle.
  10. Head back over to the platform surrounding the volcano and grab the three coins on it.
  11. Head back to the beginning, where there is a platform with a ! Block, and grab the Koopa Shell inside. Take the shell for a ride under the drawbridge and get the five coins underneath.
  12. Right ahead is a very steep hill with a 1-Up on it, and over that is a much shallower hill with four coins on it.
  13. Go around to just behind where you started, and near that will be another shallow hill with three coins.
  14. Ride back around to where the second Big Bully would be, and climb the very steep hill for five coins.
  15. Near this is a platform with 8 coins and a Mr. I with a blue coin.
  16. Head into the volcano. Right in front of you when you start is a platform with three coins.
  17. A bit further up the volcano is a platform with five coins. You should have the star by now.

1-Up Locations[edit]

The following is a list of where to find all 7 green mushrooms.

  • On the steep hill just past the drawbridge.
  • On the shallow hill just past the steep hill.
  • On the shallow hill in the corner of the level.
  • On the top of the fire shooter.
  • Behind the platform where the Boil The Big Bully star appears.
  • On the steep hill near the Mr. I.
  • Hidden in one of the poles near the top of the edge of the volcano.


After defeating the Mr. I, drop down into the pit beneath it. It will warp Mario to the Wing Cap.