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Look out above, it's raining Scuttlebugs! These creepy crawlies attempt to overwhelm you with sheer numbers. Stay on the move, or you'll be swarmed. Complicating matters is the number of moving platforms and chasms in this area. Panic too much and you'll either become food for the Scuttlebugs, or one with the abyss.

Level walkthrough[edit]

As soon as the level starts, pairs of Scuttlebugs will start falling from the sky. The Scuttlebugs will aggressively seek you down once they reach the ground. The danger here is that they can quickly overwhelm you if you let too many Scuttlebugs drop on to the screen. Don't dilly-dally and start moving to minimize the amount of Scuttlebugs on screen, and plan ahead whenever you see Scuttlebugs overhead to jump over them when they fall. The middle of the first three blocks you move past contains a power-up to help you survive this onslaught.

Jump on the moving platform to get to the high ledge, then jump from there on to a series of moving stone platforms. Scuttlebugs can really complicate what is otherwise a normal platforming section. Try to position yourself so that at least one Scuttlebug drops in to the gaps between platforms, then progress quickly before the next wave arrives. You will soon see a red Koopa. Its shell could be useful for defeating Scuttlebugs, but more will constantly replace the ones that fall.

There are some 10-coin blocks here if you want to brave the swarm, but there is also a NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin coming up. Past the ledge with the red Koopa, several Scuttlebugs will drop to the same height. Use these Scuttlebugs to bounce on to the tunnel in the rock wall, where you can collect the Star Coin. Move right quickly to pass the checkpoint. Grab a power-up from the second block after the checkpoint to increase your survivability.

After the checkpoint, you will pass through another abyss that must be crossed with moving stone platforms. The positioning tactic from before works here as well. The narrower platforms leaves you with less place to land if a Scuttlebug happens to occupy it. One of the platforms also has a red Koopa roaming on it. Above the thinnest platform is the second NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin. Jump when the platform rises to its highest to obtain the coin. Don't worry about Scuttlebugs, as they won't spawn directly above you.

After the moving platforms, hit the first block you see to grab a Star! As long as it is active, you won't have to worry about Scuttlebugs at all. After running past a trail of coins, you must cross another abyss on moving stone platforms. Don't panic or be too reckless here, as the Star cannot save you if you fall to your doom. As the platforms are wide and move horizontally, it is much harder for you to avoid or kill Scuttlebugs when they land on your platform. Once you reach solid ground, you'll be right next to the flagpole.

The end is in sight, but you must take a detour for the third Star Coin. This collectable requires you to have a Mini Mushroom in reserve. You can use the invincibility from the Star to turn Mini safely. At the final abyss, you can spot a tiny warp pipe. Go down it as Mini Mario to enter a bonus area. Hit the block there for another Star, then go right as quickly as possible. If you're still invincible, you will get another Star from the block at the end. After you prolong the Star effect, jump on to the thin walkway and run past the Micro Goombas to reach the NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin at the end. You will exit the way you came. Get to the end of the stage and jump off the final Scuttlebug to reach the tip of the flagpole.

Star Coins[edit]

  1. This Star Coin can be found near the level checkpoint. You must bounce to the ledge where the coin is using a Scuttlebug.
  2. The Star Coin is above some stone platforms over an abyss.
  3. You need to be Mini Mario for this. Go into the tiny warp pipe located near the end of the course to enter a bonus area. Hit the block to grab the Star, then run for the right side of the room. Prolong your Star duration by hitting that block, then get on to the thin walkway and run to the end for the Star Coin.