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World 8 is a volcanic, barren wasteland corrupted by the Koopa Troop's dark magic. Sunlight can't penetrate the thick purple clouds covering the sky, and monsters normally confined to mansions roam freely. With annoying Crowbers and plenty of Bullet Bills in your path, this level serves as a fitting introduction of World 8's various challenges.

Level walkthrough[edit]

Watch the skies. Crowbers are a major nuisance in this level. They often fly too high for you to attack them, then swoop down to your level very quickly. Eveyr Crowber only attacks once, so they cease to be a worry once they've dived you once. Splunkins also make a rare appearance outside a ghost house. While they were cannon fodder in the mansions, the prevalence of pits and shorter platforms can make them surprisingly dangerous.

After the second Splunkin are some Bill Blasters. Once you jump off the island with the firs two blasters, things get a lot more hectic, as Crowbers, Splunkins and Bullet Bills come from every direction. Once you've made it up and over the slope, you have less enemies to worry about, but also more deadly pits. Numerous Crowbers add to the danger, and if you are too hasty, you can have multiple Crowbers on the screen diving you at once. Dodge every Crowber's attack one-by-one to avoid getting overwhelmed.

As you're avoiding Crowber attacks, keep an eye out for a triangle of blocks above a pit. Get on one of the lower blocks, then hop across the tiny gap while bumping the top block. A spring emerges from the block, but it is useless in this position. Carry the spring and jump to the right. Set it down on the block platform, then jump on to it to be launched in the sky, nabbing the first NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin. After a precarious jump on and off a Bullet Bill Blaster, you'll be out of Crowber country. Jump to the next platform to reach the checkpoint.

Boos start to appear around the checkpoint, no longer confined to run-down mansions. Bullet Bills also resume their attack, with Blasters arranged at multiple heights to reduce safe space in the air. Snake past the Boo and jump over the gap to get on to a hill where a NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin is visible above. There are four Blasters firing at you, which helps you hop up to the Star Coin. You might want to lure the Boo away from the coin to make things easier.

Run to the right edge of the hill to see a large Banzai Bill Blaster. You may have encountered this weapon back in World 7, but even if you don't, you can tell from its appearance that it shoots huge Banzai Bills. Fortunately, the Banzai Bills themselves can be defeated in one stomp. Drop down to the low platform left of the Banzai Bill for the last NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin. Now, wait for a Banzai Bill to fire, then wall jump back on to the hill. Jump over the gap on to the Banzai Bill Blaster, then jump to the flagpole to finish the course.

Star Coins[edit]

  1. In the area with many Crowbers, you should see two brown blocks with another block above and between them. You must hit the higher block to make a spring pop out. Carry the swing to the brown block platform a little to the right and jump on to the spring. You'll be launched into the sky, where the Star Coin is.
  2. The Star Coin is high in the sky, above a hill with four Blasters and a Boo. You must bounce off the Bullet Bills to gain enough height before you can reach it.
  3. On a small platform to the left of the Banzai Bill Blaster is the Star Coin. Falling to it is easy, but wall jumping out can prove challenging.