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The more elevated areas of the jungle is free from poison water, but it is also a prime habitat of Wigglers, remarkably resilient worms that are dangerous when they lose their temper. Try your best to avoid incurring their wrath, as you navigate around the small caves, pits and slopes in this dangerous rainforest.

Level walkthrough[edit]

Go right from the start, past a Goomba, to meet the first of many Wigglers in this stage. Another recurring enemy in the Mario series, these giant caterpillars cannot be defeated by stomping on them or throwing fireballs at them, but they can be stunned by ground pounding them. Stomping or burning a Wiggler too much will enrage it, causing it to move around faster. A shell or a form that grants invincibility is necessary to take these beast out. There is a red Koopa after the first Wiggler whose shell you can use to defeat any problematic caterpillars.

There will be some more Wigglers as you head right, but they can be mostly ignored and are easily dodged, even when enraged. In fact, you have to intentionally anger the one below the red ring, since jumping off the Wiggler is required to get all of the red coins. The ground will start sloping upward, and soon you should see a small passage in the ground with a NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin in it. This small space has a troublesome Wiggler inside, which you can take out with one of the Koopas nearby. You must slowly slide near the opening and wall jump into the cave to collect the Star Coin, then wall jump back out.

Up ahead, there is a Wiggler running on some Donut Lifts. Its weight isn't enough to cause the lifts to fall, but yours certainly will. Jump past it and run across the lifts, then leap to the ground to the right to trigger the checkpoint flag. Proceed right for a roulette block, then hit the brick block above the center of this platform to cause a beanstalk to pop out. Climb up the beanstalk and drop off the left to get to a valley with a single Wiggler. Jump directly up the space one tile left of the pair of blocks to hit a hidden block, causing a beanstalk to extend. Climb the beanstalk to reach the second NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin, high up in the sky.

The rightmost block in this pit contains a Star, which will certainly take out the Wiggler nearby. Get out of the valley and run right to defeat a few more enemies while invulnerable. On the platform with two Goombas, you can see the last NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin just above the abyss to the right. You want to slide down the side of the platform until you grab the coin, then wall jump off to the tiny pipes to the right. You can also go back to take a red Koopa shell, using it to obtain the coin remotely. Your remaining obstacles now are a bunch of tiny pipes close to each other serving as platforms. There are also Wigglers roaming around on top of these platforms, making them a bigger annoyance as the platforms aren't very wide.

With so many tiny pipes, one of them is bound to transport you somewhere. Indeed, the second from the left pipe of the four level tiny pipes is functional, and it takes you to a neat bonus area. You will first emerge in a tiny labyrinth, but can get to a wide open space with many pipes and a single block. Hit the block for the third mid-level appearance of the Mega Mushroom, which lets you destroy most of the pipes and get the coins scattered around them. Once you're done, head into the rightmost pipe to be put right next to the exit pipe. A large line of Paratroopas guards the last gap to the pipe. Wait until they're at their lowest and jump on the line of Paratroopas to defeat them one by one. Go into the horizontal pipe to reach the flagpole area, then make a running jump off the cliff to touch the top of the pole.

Star Coins[edit]

  1. The coin is in a crevice guarded by a lone Wiggler. You can either knock it out by bouncing a Koopa shell into the pocket or just evade its charges as you go for the coin. Use wall jumps to go in and out of the crevice.
  2. Move left after climbing the first beanstalk to find a pit with a Wiggler. Jump up the space to the left of the pair of blocks to hit a hidden beanstalk. Climb it to get to the Star Coin.
  3. This one is suspended in midair near a bottomless pit. Slide down the wall to the left of it and wall jump off once you touch the coin. Alternatively, grab a Koopa shell and hop to the pipes to the right of it, then toss the shell at the coin.