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The constant cold has created a tall mountain of ice, with plenty of steep slopes to slide around on. The landscape is pretty barren in this frozen land, but the enemy frequency here is moderately high. Bring a Blue Shell with you to truly experience the exhilarating slides this stage can offer!

Level walkthrough[edit]

You start off high above the rest of the level. Approach the slope and crouch as you move on to it. This lets you slide down the slope, taking a number of enemies out on the way. Soon, there will be uphill slopes as well, as you move from the tall mountain to more hilly terrain. The ground is still entirely made of ice, so if you lose momentum from a slide, you'll have to dash quickly up the hills. Soon, you should see a floating platform made out of square ice blocks. Get on the platform, take out the red Koopa, then jump to the right to get the first NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin.

After getting the Star Coin, you can fall down into the gap in the ground. You will drop into a valley with a tiny warp pipe and a cannon pipe. If you have a Mini Mushroom, you can go into the pipe to get a Star, as well as a warp pipe that lets you skip ahead. Otherwise, use the cannon pipe to blast yourself back up, collecting a few extra coins on the way. Go up the slope, jump over the gap and slide back down to pass the checkpoint flag. The block formation here is where the stage splits into two. The top path contains a ton of coins but no Star Coins while the bottom path has easier access to two Star Coins, but also more enemies.

To go down the lower half, simply travel forward. You will soon come to a one-tile wide tunnel. As you need to have a Super Mushroom or a better power-up to get one of the Star Coins, you must get in without reverting back to small Mario. Get a running start toward the tunnel, make a short hop, then crouch to slide through the tunnel. The NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin is at the other end, surrounded by brick blocks. Break the brick blocks and jump in to obtain it. The rest of the path contains numerous Snailicorns. They are immune to stomps and fireballs, but you can jump on them repeatedly to push them into a gap, or use a shell to knock them out.

Back at the block formation after the checkpoint, hit the topmost block if you want to go the top path, as it spawns a vine that lets you climb to the upper half of the level. Don't worry about missing any Star Coins, as you can always backtrack down the lower half. First, you have to jump across some ice platforms high above the ground, a task made slightly harder due to the slippery surfaces. Then, you'll get to a sloped area. Knock the Koopa into its shell, then kick it forward to defeat any enemies ahead. Run across these hills until you see a small opening. Fall down it to get to the converging point of the two paths.

After taking either path and arriving at this converging point, you can get the third NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin with ease. There is a vertical shaft formed by the two walls of ice, with the Star Coin in the opening of one of the walls. Wall jump up the ice walls to reach it. As you continue forward, watch out for the remaining Snailicorns, as there are no gaps to push them into. It is advisable to simply jump over them. Slide down one last slope and jump to get to the flagpole.

Star Coins[edit]

  1. After sliding down the mountain, jump on to the ice block formation as it approaches. The Star Coin is off to the right of the ice blocks, which you must jump to get.
  2. When the path splits, take the lower one with all the Snailicorns. The Star Coin is surrounded by brick blocks at the entrance of the path, so you must slide in as Super Mario or above. Alternatively, you can go around the area using the upper path and backtrack to this location.
  3. At where the two split paths converge, there is a vertical shaft formed by two ice walls, with the coin inside a small cave. Wall jump up to the cave to get it.