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World 8 is the final world in the game. Not only is it the world with the most levels, it is also the one of two worlds without any secret exits, the other being World 6. However, unlike World 6, World 8 does not have any alternate paths at all, so one must clear every level in this world to beat the game. All types of Toad Houses appear here, and all of them require Star Coins to reach.

Level summary[edit]

Level Star Coins
World 8-1
  1. In the area with many Crowbers, you should see two brown blocks with another block above and between them. You must hit the higher block to make a spring pop out. Carry the swing to the brown block platform a little to the right and jump on to the spring. You'll be launched into the sky, where the Star Coin is.
  2. The Star Coin is high in the sky, above a hill with four Blasters and a Boo. You must bounce off the Bullet Bills to gain enough height before you can reach it.
  3. On a small platform to the left of the Banzai Bill Blaster is the Star Coin. Falling to it is easy, but wall jumping out can prove challenging.
World 8-2
  1. In the cave with a lot of brick blocks, start ground pounding directly below the power-up block. After you break the last wall of blocks, you should fall right into the Star Coin.
  2. In the room after the checkpoint, hit the switch and swim to the top. Bounce off one of the Skeeters to collect the Star Coin in the air.
  3. At the penultimate room with the extending blocks, make the water level rise and swim up the right side for the Star Coin.
World 8-Tower
  1. After jumping from the second moving platform to the stationary platform, fall back to the moving platform on the left side and leap to the Star Coin on a ledge to the left.
  2. Get on to the moving stone block below the platform circled by Spike Tops and duck to pass through the gap. Avoid the Spike Tops and the stone block to reach the Star Coin in this small subsection.
  3. At the boss door, bounce off the Dry Bones to hit sets of blocks above you. Use a passing question block to reach the stationary blocks and jump to the final Star Coin.
World 8-3
  1. During the Mega Unagi chase, after activating the P-Switch, start swimming close to the ground. The Star Coin is in the upper right corner of a reef formation, there for you to collect.
  2. After the first Star Coin, swim to the top and break the brick blocks covering the next Star Coin.
  3. This Star Coin is located near the end. You must quickly turn around past a wall and sink below the brick blocks for the coin.
World 8-4
  1. This Star Coin can be found near the level checkpoint. You must bounce to the ledge where the coin is using a Scuttlebug.
  2. The Star Coin is above some stone platforms over an abyss.
  3. You need to be Mini Mario for this. Go into the tiny warp pipe located near the end of the course to enter a bonus area. Hit the block to grab the Star, then run for the right side of the room. Prolong your Star duration by hitting that block, then get on to the thin walkway and run to the end for the Star Coin.
World 8-Castle
  1. After you've ridden two wooden platforms across the lava, hit the red switch above the Dry Bones so that a platform appears at the top track to your left. Ride it to reach a stone platform with the Star Coin.
  2. On the stone platform with the N-shaped track, hit the switch block so a platform appears on the track. Use that platform to reach another platform to the right. Ride it until it falls and moves left to get the Star Coin.
  3. You must have the last platform before the checkpoint in its lowest position. If you do, there will be a platform on the track below the double doors. Ride it to a hidden room where there are some rotating platforms. Wait for one to rise out of the lava, then jump from it to the Star Coin.
World 8-5
  1. The Star Coin is on an unstable platform close to the lava. Watch out for the Podoboo nearby while falling to get it.
  2. This Star Coin is located between two suspended platforms above the lava sea. Throw a Koopa shell at it to collect it safely.
  3. At the end of the series of collapsing platforms, do a dashing jump to reach a high platform. Immediately jump forward before it falls as well to nab the Star Coin in the air.
World 8-6
  1. Hop into the first cannon pipe to be launched over the ledge on the left. Wraparound to the right side of the screen to get the Star Coin.
  2. The second Star Coin is surrounded by blocks. Jump off the nearby spin block and fly above the Star Coin, then drill down to collect it.
  3. The Star Coin is to the right of the cannon pipe. Stay at the right side of the screen or use the wraparound feature to get to it.
World 8-7
  1. The Star Coin is below the first Sledge Bro. Drop down to the right and run left over the blocks to collect it.
  2. This Star Coin is out in the open, next to a Boomerang Bro. The Bro is your only obstacle to grabbing it.
  3. You can find this Star Coin below the second Sledge Bro. Ground pound past the first layer of brick blocks to get to it.
World 8-8
  1. On the ledge above where you start. Jump from the brick blocks on the right to the ledge and run left for the Star Coin.
  2. Keep a Mini Mushroom in your inventory for this one. Past the checkpoint, let the falling debris break open the second gap from the left and go into the tiny warp pipe below. You will end up in a sprawling labyrinth. Get to the center to get the Star Coin.
  3. The Star Coin is surrounded by blocks. You must let the debris break up the blocks in the middle to collect it.
World 8-Tower 2
  1. This Star Coin is in a gap in the ceiling during the spiked section. Simply jump to grab it while on the Snake Block.
  2. At the Fire Bar section after the checkpoint, you must jump off the Snake Blocks to the tunnel above the Snake Blocks' path. Run right past the Fire Bars to get the Star Coin.
  3. The Star Coin is located in the opening where the third Spiked Ball rolled out. Be sure to hurry back on to the Snake Blocks once you grab it.
Bowser's Castle
  1. There are two chances to get this Star Coin in the room with the regular-sized Thwomps. Before flipping the area, you must jump on to the ceiling to the left of the highest Thwomp and run left to grab it. Alternatively, after flipping the room upside-down, you must drop down to the left and dodge the leftmost Thwomp to get it.
  2. In the room with the Rocket Engines, you must hit the leftmost brick block after flipping the room to make a switch pop out, which causes a platform to appear in an adjacent room. After you pass the room with the Thwomps, you will end up in an area with a wide spike pit. If you pressed the switch before, you can use that platform to jump to the door. Inside is the Star Coin.
  3. The Star Coin is near the boss doors. You need to ground pound the brick blocks blocking you from getting it. Then, run left from the ground to the right and fall to the platform with the coin. Duck and use your momentum to slide through the small gap to grab the Star Coin.