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You're not out of the volcanic region quite yet! Volcanoes constantly spew out deadly debris that rain upon you from above. Any protection you have wouldn't last long as they chip away on blocks and platforms. Complicating matters is the appearance of the Kab-omb, related to the Bob-ombs. They're much easier to be triggered, and are more dangerous when active as well.

Level walkthrough[edit]

From the start of the course, you are introduced to the two major elements in this level: Kab-ombs and falling debris. Kab-ombs look like Bob-ombs and will usually walk around minding their own business. However, their fuse can be lit by fire, whether from your fireballs or by the falling debris, and start dashing quickly before self-destructing. A single stomp is enough to take them out. Another big threat is the falling debris that is shot out from volcanoes in the background. They come in various sizes, but are all harmful. The debris can break through any blocks that aren't the same texture as the ground, which can both hinder and help you in this course.

You will see the first NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin soon after starting the level, but you can't reach it immediately. Run to the right and jump on the brick blocks, then jump left to the platform above. Go left to grab the Star Coin. Now continue to the right. The lone block below another platform contains a power-up. The platform above helps prevent it from being destroyed by the falling debris, but remember that you can lose a chance for power-ups if debris hits these blocks.

After a short raised section, there is a triangular arrangement of blocks with a 10-coin block at the top. You might not be able to get all of the coins due to the debris though. From this point onward, there will be less cover from the debris. You must jump across several gaps without any protection from above, and one also has a Kab-omb patrolling it. After crossing the gaps, the middle block in the set of three you encounter will give you another power-up. Continue past some more Kab-ombs on to a raised section. Jump up while standing on the thin platform to hit a hidden block containing a Star! The invincibility will certainly help against the debris, which you can use to farm for 1-Ups. This close to the final level, extra lives are always welcome.

Past the location of the hidden block is a five-block platform. The middle block contains a power-up; nab it before it is destroyed. Beyond the platform is the checkpoint, followed by a series of gaps covered with blocks that can be destroyed by the falling debris. If you have a Mini Mushroom, this is the place to use it. Wait for the debris to break the blocks above the second hole, then go down the tiny warp pipe as Mini Mario. You will be deposited in a large maze. There's no enemies here, so make your way to the center at your own pace to get the second NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin. The pipe at the left end of the area leaves you below the thin platform before the checkpoint. You can grab the Star here if you didn't before, which is very useful since you will be Mini when you reemerge back to the main level.

Not far past the holes is a box of blocks with a NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin inside. Stand below the box to direct incoming debris to destroy the blocks above and below the Star Coin, letting you jump up to collect it. Next, you must jump up a series of platforms, once again with little cover from the debris. The final stretch of the course is a long block platform with Kab-ombs roaming on it. Debris can destroy parts of the platform, so move quickly. You can get a power-up from the first block. At the end, jump off the platform and grab on to the very last flagpole in the game to end the level!

Star Coins[edit]

  1. On the ledge above where you start. Jump from the brick blocks on the right to the ledge and run left for the Star Coin.
  2. Keep a Mini Mushroom in your inventory for this one. Past the checkpoint, let the falling debris break open the second gap from the left and go into the tiny warp pipe below. You will end up in a sprawling labyrinth. Get to the center to get the Star Coin.
  3. The Star Coin is surrounded by blocks. You must let the debris break up the blocks in the middle to collect it.