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In World 5, it's always snowing, and constant snowfall presents some new hazards and obstacles. In this forested area, snow builds up on tree branches and can pin you to the ground if they fall on you. Patches of deep snow also cause you to slowly sink into the ground if you don't move actively. Furthermore, Snow Spikes launch snowballs down slopes at you, complicating your trek across this icy plain.

Level walkthrough[edit]

At the start, you can spot your primary adversary of the course, the Snow Spike, right above you. Snow Spikes are a variant of Spikes, a classic Mario enemy which strangely doesn't appear in this game. They can create snowballs from their mouths and throw it at you. The snowball will roll once it touches the ground, and will grow in size the more it rolls. It can even take out other enemies, such as the four Goombas that stumble into the Snow Spikes snowball right at the start.

Jump over the gap and carefully run past the trees. The second tree has a particularly thick pile of snow on one of its branches. The snow will fall when you get close, and while it doesn't hurt you if it hits you, it will drag you down if you're airborne and pin you to the ground. Press the jump button repeatedly to escape the snow and regain movement. Up next is a noticeably deep patch of snow. The snow will cause you to move slower and jump lower, while causing you to sink in to a certain extent. Keep jumping on the snow so that you're impeded minimally by it.

There's some more snow that fall from above after this, as well as pairs of Goombas. It is more important to avoid or quickly shake off the snow now, as you can get hit by the Goombas while you're immobile. After the gap, there is a Snow Spike right in your path, whose snowball travels in a predictable, straight manner. Jump over the snowball and take the Snow Spike out. Up a ledge, you can see the first NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin above a tree branch. Watch out for the falling snow and jump on to the block to the right of it, then hop to the Star Coin to collect it.

The deep snow next to the first Star Coin is quite problematic, as it is in the path of the next Snow Spike's snowballs. Try to cross the deep snow with the blocks so that you don't get slowed down, since it is very difficult to avoid the snowballs in the deep snow. You can also duck right next to the wall after the patch to avoid the snowball altogether. Past the Snow Spike and some more falling snow, you will activate the checkpoint flag. Jump over the gap to see the next NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin above some deep snow. You can either jump on the Paratroopa or hit the flying block as it moves close to gain enough height to reach the Star Coin.

The Star Coin is quickly followed by another patch of deep snow in a valley. There's a Snow Spike whose snowball will roll across the valley, and it is immensely difficult to dodge while you're in the snow. Use the brick blocks to get over the section entirely. Past the valley, get on the coin block and make a dashing leap to the right. You should fly far enough to get the third NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin. Alternatively, go right, dodging the snowballs of the Snow Spike ahead, and use either the block or the cliff the Snow Spike is standing on to reach it.

Soon after this Snow Spike is another Snow Spike perched on a ledge up high. You can't take it out, so you're forced to just evade its fireballs. There are plenty of Goombas, a Paratroopa and a Snow Spike on the last portion of the course next to the exit. There are also several trees with falling snow, as well as one patch of deep snow. Move quickly and agilely through this last stretch to avoid getting hurt. The jump to the flagpole contains two final piles of falling snow. Jump too low or move through the air too slow and you will lose out on some points.

Star Coins[edit]

  1. This Star Coin is just above a tree branch. Get on the closest block to the right and jump to the coin.
  2. The coin appears above a patch of deep snow. Bounce off the Paratroopa or hit the flying block as it moves close in order to reach it.
  3. Defeat the Snow Spike near the last Star Coin, then jump from his location to the coin.