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It's been a long journey since your adventure began from World 1-1, and now you've reached the final tower, and the penultimate level of the game. With a giant abyss below and little to no footholds along the tower, your only way up is using Snake Blocks. With Fire Bars, Spiked Balls and spiky surfaces, your agility will be put to its hardest test of all.

Level walkthrough[edit]

Run right and jump on to the Snake Blocks to get it moving. The Snake Blocks are your lifeline, and you must try your best to remain on it. The middle block of the first brick block formation contains a power-up, but don't risk missing your ride just to collect it. Maneuver around the first Fire Bar as you follow the Snake Blocks up. The Snake Blocks will loop to the left and ascend some more, before going right again to traverse a spiked passage lined with Fire Bars. Expert timing is needed to clear this tunnel unharmed, and you must especially watch out for the last Fire Bar, which spins in the opposite direction.

After emerging from the tunnel, the Snake Blocks start to move more vertically. You need to stay on the top Snake Block as it moves up, or else you'll likely fail to make a jump and fall off. The Snake Blocks will then wind through another spiky tunnel to your left, but this one is easier to clear as long as you move at a steady pace. Jump up to grab the NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin when you see it above you. Once you exit the passage, jump to the top Snake Block as it ascends to the next tier. You will pass by the checkpoint once it does.

You can take a short breather during this part of the tower as the Snake Blocks will just wind around at a reasonable speed above a spike pit, with no other threats other than falling off. You will eventually pass by a Red Ring, but it is quite difficult to grab all of the red coins, since you are limited by the movement of the Snake Blocks. After looping around for a while, the Snake Block will start to ascend again. When you pass by a Fire Bar, the block above can be hit if you need a power-up.

The Snake Blocks will take you through some more Fire Bars. If you're aiming for total completion, you'll need to get off of the Snake Block and jump on to the platform that holds the Fire Bar blocks. Evade the Fire Bars and keep up with the Snake Blocks as they move right. You will collect a NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin along the way. Hop back on to the Snake Block, and once again, you must stay on the topmost Snake Block as the platform rises. A Spiked Ball will crash through a wall from the right, bouncing off the Snake Block. You are safe as long as you stand on the tip.

As the Snake Blocks loop around above a spike pit, another Spiked Ball will fall from above. It rolls fast enough to stay on the Snake Blocks for a while, so you must avoid it by maintaining your position at the front of the Snake Blocks. Once the Snake Blocks rise some more, one final Spiked Ball will tumble down. Jump over it, then hop into the alcove that contained it to get the last NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin. Quickly jump back to the Snake Blocks. Get on the topmost Snake Block once again as it ascends a spiked shaft to reach the boss door.

Boss: Bowser Jr.[edit]

This is your last solo showdown with Bowser's bratty child. The arena is simply a flat platform, with boiling lava below and Podoboos shooting from the sides. Bowser Jr. will use his shell-throwing technique at you again, so this fight is nothing new. Kick the shells back at him to incapacitate him, then ground pound him to do serious damage, or just toss out a ton of fireballs. Once you defeat him, Bowser Jr. will drag Princess Peach to his father's fortress, the massive Bowser's Castle. This adventure is near its end. Just one more course and you will save the Mushroom Kingdom!

Star Coins[edit]

  1. This Star Coin is in a gap in the ceiling during the spiked section. Simply jump to grab it while on the Snake Block.
  2. At the Fire Bar section after the checkpoint, you must jump off the Snake Blocks to the tunnel above the Snake Blocks' path. Run right past the Fire Bars to get the Star Coin.
  3. The Star Coin is located in the opening where the third Spiked Ball rolled out. Be sure to hurry back on to the Snake Blocks once you grab it.