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Male Assassin (Ragnarok Online).png The Assassin
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This is the main 2nd class character after Thief. Players can now equip Katars or Daggers in both hands and use Stealth and Poison skills.



  • Requirements: Thief's Hiding Lv 2
  • Active
  • Mastered at Lv 10

This skill enables you to move while hidden. Cloaking uses 15 SP when cast and gradually decreases SP while active. Lv 3 Cloaking gives you the ability to attack or use skills while cloaked, but you will be immediately exposed after this. Demon, Insect and Boss monsters can detect Cloaking status.

Enchant Poison[edit]

  • Requirements: Thief's Envenom Lv 1
  • Active
  • Mastered at Lv 10

This skill temporarily gives your currently equipped weapon with a Poison property. It also has a chance of inflicting Poison status on enemies.


  • Requirements: Cloaking Lv 2, Sonic Blow Lv 5
  • Active
  • Mastered at Lv 10

This skill can only be activated while in Hiding status (Cloaking does not count) and while equipped with a Katar. It will send out damaging spikes, hitting the selected target and any other targets in the line of fire.

Katar Mastery[edit]

  • Passive
  • Mastered at Lv 10

This skill increases damage inflicted with Katar class weapons.

Lefthand Mastery[edit]

  • Requirements: Righthand Mastery Lv 2
  • Passive
  • Mastered at Lv 5

Assassins lose attack power when equipped with two different weapons. This skill restores damage potential to the weapon equipped in the left hand. At Lv 1, left hand damage potential is 40%. At Lv 5, left hand damage potential is 80%.

Poison React[edit]

  • Requirements: Enchant Poison Lv 3
  • Active
  • Mastered at Lv 10

This skill puts you into a counter stance once activated. When damaged by a Poison property attack, you will counter-attack. Raising the skill level will increase the damage inflicted by the counter-attack and the number of times you can counter-attack. Having skill points invested in Envenom will also allow you to counter Neutral property attacks.

Righthand Mastery[edit]

  • Passive
  • Mastered at Lv 5

Just like Lefthand Mastery, this skill restores damage potential to the weapon equipped in the right hand. At Lv 1, right hand damage potential is 60%. At Lv 5, right hand damage potential is 100%.

Sonic Blow[edit]

  • Requirements: Katar Mastery Lv 4
  • Active
  • Mastered at Lv 10

This skill delivers 8 consecutive blows to the selected target, as well as spinning the target and possibly inflicting Stun status. Damage inflicted, SP consumption and Stun chance increase with skill level. There is also a 2 second skill delay after each use (meaning you can't use Sonic Blow for 2 seconds after use).

Venom Dust[edit]

  • Requirements: Enchant Poison Lv 5
  • Active
  • Mastered at Lv 10

This skill consumes 1 Red Gemstone and 20 SP to create a poison cloud over the targeted area, inflicting the Poison status upon any targets that move under it. The poison lasts for 5 seconds at Lv 1, and 50 seconds at Lv 10.

Venom Splasher[edit]

  • Requirements: Poison React Lv 5, Venom Dust Lv 5
  • Active
  • Mastered at Lv 10

This skill consumes 1 Red Gemstone to "plant" a poison time bomb on the target that will cause it to blow up and damage other targets within its 5 by 5 cell vicinity. Selected targets for Venom Splasher must have 3/4 or less max HP remaining. Damage dealt is distributed among every target hit by Venom Splasher. Skill delay after use, attack power and SP consumption increase with skill level, while the time it takes for the target to explode decreases with skill level. Casting time is 1 second.

Job Change Information[edit]

To change from Thief to Assassin, you must travel South-East of Morroc and find the Assassin Guild. Talk to the Guildsman NPC to apply for this job. The Guildsman will then send you to another room. There will be an NPC hiding within this room, probably behind one of the many pillars you will see. He is the test administrator who will give you a series of tests:

  • You will be asked 10 questions. To pass this test, you must answer at least 9 out of 10 questions correctly. If you fail this test, you will have an unlimited number of times to redo it. However, this may involve answering a different set of questions the next time.
  1. Which skill is not necessary to learn skill, Grimtooth? Lvl.2 Right Hand Mastery
  2. What is Lvl.4 of Right Hand Mastery effect? Increase 90% of damage
  3. What item is needed to use the skill Venom Dust? Red gemstone
  4. What skill can you learn after learning Lvl.5 Enchant Poison? Venom Dust
  5. What skill makes you invisible? Hiding
  6. What's not the necessary condition to use Venom Splasher? You need red gemstone
  7. How much of your SP will be consumed when you use Double Attack with a dagger? 0 because its a passive skill
  8. Which enchanted sword is effective in Izlude dungeon? Wind Maingauche
  9. How much flee increases when you master the skill , Improve Dodge? 30
  10. Which monster can detect Thief/Assassin with Hiding/Cloaking? Argos
  11. Assassin can hold one weapon for each hand.Which one of a set is not equiptable? Katar + Maingauche
  12. In which town can you change your job to a thief? Morroc
  13. Which card is not related with AGI? Whisper card
  14. What's good point about an Assassin? Excellent Dodging
  15. How many additional AGI points does an Assassin of job level 50 get? 10
  16. Which item is not equiptable for an Assassin? Helm
  17. If a novice wants to be a Thief , what mushroom is needed? Orange Gooey Mushroom
  18. Which card is not related to an Assassin? Elder Willow card
  • The next test involves finding and killing Poring and Lunatic monsters with a specific name within a given time limit. The test administrator will tell you the correct name to look for. There are two pitfalls to be aware of.
  1. Some monsters with the wrong name will only have slight differences from the correct name. For example, if the administrator asks you to kill monsters with the name "Job Change Test", some monsters will have a variant of this name like "Job Test Change" or "Jobs Change Test".
  2. There are black areas in this room. These are pitfalls and if you step onto the blackened area, you will have to start this part of the test over again.
  • The next test is quite simple. It is set in a square room with a ramp in the middle. There are a mob of Mummies roaming around the room. The objective is to get to the other side of the room without making contact with any Mummies.
    • Do not cross the ramp or you will be caught. The best solution is to stick to the left or right wall and walk, without stopping, to the exit.
  • The final test involves going through an invisible maze. The objective here is to reach the bottom left of the room to talk to the Assassin Guild Master. Upon entering this room you will see three staircases, two to either side of you and one directly in front.
    • Use the left staircase and start from there. You will be hitting a lot of invisible walls but the Guild Master will inform you whether you are going the right or the wrong direction.

After you talk to the Guild Master, the test will be complete and you will then be changed to an Assassin.