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Male Champion (Ragnarok Online).png The Champion
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Stat Advice[edit]

Str=50 Vit=Remaining stats Agi=1 Int=50 Dex=99 Luk=1

Stat Builds[edit]


  • Needed for damage.
  • Increases your weight limit to carry blue potions or whatever you need to get SP.
  • Flee, Aspd
  • Somewhat needed for if you also want to go woe.
  • HP regeneration.
  • Increases max. HP.
  • Increases defense.
  • Increases max. SP (more SP = higher damage).
  • SP regeneration. If you buff before you asura for example, after asura you won't get SP natural.
  • Potions give you more SP.
  • Reduces cast time.
  • Increases hit.
  • Not needed for asura-build.

Many people do as much in INT as in STR for the damage, however, it may be better to have more STR, so you can carry more seeds or pots. Also, you can fight better with finger-offensive or something else if it's needed. You will still need a nice amount of INT.

Much DEX is needed because asura can be interrupted, except if you have a bloody-butterfly-card or a phen-card. You shouldn't keep it low anyway, because assassins can hide/cloak before you asura them and it will miss.

VIT is needed for woe in general.

Get some AGI for aspd and flee. Not really needed, but helpful.

Job Stat Bonuses[edit]

1 1 0 0 0 0 0
2 1 0 0 1 0 0
3 1 0 1 1 0 0
4 1 1 1 1 0 0
5 1 1 1 1 0 0
6 1 1 1 1 1 0
8 1 1 1 1 1 0
9 2 1 1 1 1 0
10 2 1 1 1 1 0
11 2 1 1 2 1 0
12 2 2 1 2 1 0
70 9 9 7 7 10 3


Active Skills[edit]

Finger Offensive Icon (Ragnarok Online).png Finger Offensive[edit]

Level ATK per sphere Max. no. of spheres Base Cast Time SP Consumption
1 150% 1 1.5s 10
2 175% 2 2.2s 10
3 200% 3 2.9s 10
4 225% 4 3.6s 10
5 250% 5 4.3s 10
  • Active
  • Catalyst: 1-5 spirit spheres
  • Requirements: (Monk) Level 3 Occult Impaction
  • Required for: Asura Strike (3)
  • Mastered at Level 5

Ranged skill which fire spirit sphere(s) at the target. Finger Offensive has a huge cast time and relies on the user's hit rate, thus high Dex is advised to make this skill effective. A very useful skill that, with the right weapon, can kill a wide variety of monsters with a single Level 5 shot, and also very threatening to players with low HP such as Wizards in PvP/WoE, and thus it is advisable for Monks who have sufficient skill points left over to max out this skill. The damage is affected by elemental weapons/enchantments.

Occult Impaction Icon (Ragnarok Online).png Occult Impaction[edit]

  • Active
  • Catalyst: 1 spirit sphere
  • Requirements: (Monk) Level 5 Summon Spirit Sphere
  • Required for: Finger Offensive (3)
  • Mastered at Level 5

This skill deals physical damage with a range of 2 cells. Unlike other offensive skills, however, the more defense the target has, the more damage Occult Impaction deals. The formula for calculating Occult Impaction damage is [ATK x (1 + 0.75*SkillLvl) x (Enemy Armour + Enemy Vit)/50] x Card effect. This skill never misses no matter how much flee the target has. Useful skill for taking down monsters with high Def or players with a lot of Vit such as Knight and Crusaders and their transcended counterparts.

Raging palm strike LV.5

Use to push away enemies. More for use with those who are in safety wall.

Extremity Fist LV.5

If you encounter an enemy in safety wall, use palm before asura. For the build of it[STR=82 VIT=35 INT=60 DEX=80], make DEX higher because of finger offensive and asura strike casting times.

Passive Skills[edit]

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Skill Builds[edit]


At least get these following skills for this build:

  • Ruwach Lvl. 1, Teleportation Lvl. 1: Ruwach is needed for teleport, and is also useful to detect cloaked assassins. Teleportation is quite useful to search for mobs for example.
  • Devine Protection Lvl. 10, Demon Bane Lvl. 10: Both skills needed for Iron Fist.
  • Heal Lvl. 10, Increase AGI Lvl. 10, Blessing Lvl. 10: AGI needed for flee, Blessing gives bonus in STR, DEX and INT, the 3 stats you mostly need.
  • Iron Fist Lvl. 10, Dodge (Flee) Lvl. 10: Iron Fist gives you Bonus in ATK, which increases your Asura-Damage. Dodge gives you Flee-Bonus, and you will always need that.
  • Summon Spirit Sphere Lvl. 5, Investigate Lvl. 3, Finger Offensive Lvl. 3: Needed to get certain skills; you can also put leftover skill points in Investigate or Finger Offensive. Investigate makes Damage depending on the defense of the enemy; Finger-offensive lets you throw up to five spirit spheres, which hit a lot.
  • Spirit Sphere Absorption Lvl. 1, Critical Explosion (Fury) Lvl. 5: Needed for certain skills; Fury Lvl. 3 would be enough if you don't go for Zen, but Zen works much faster than summon spirit sphere and needs less SP. Be careful though; Zen can be interrupted.
  • Dangerous Soulcollect (Zen) Lvl. 1, Asura Strike (Guillotine Fist) Lvl. 5
  • Leftover Skill-Points: You can put them in Finger-offensive or Investigate. Also Blade Stop (Root) is a nice skill, effective against assassins or other classes which attack fast. It stops moving the enemy and yourself, like stone curse maybe, but you can still use skills, depending on the skill lvl of blade stop. You can also go for pneuma, you would just have to put one more skill point in teleportation, four in warp portal, then you have pneuma. Nice against Bow-Classes, they wont be able to hit you if pneuma is between.


Skill Quests[edit]

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Job Change Quest[edit]

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