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Stat Advice[edit]

Strength One of the monks' most important stats as most of their skills are offensive and depend on physical damage, having Strength is necessary to inflict damage effectively, be it combos or skills such as Finger Offensive, Occult Impaction and Asura Strike.
Agility Monks who choose to go with the combo build would need a lot of Agility in order to deal damage quickly via melee attacks as well as activating Raging Trifecta Blow. However, others who opt for PvP/WoE builds using active skills such as Finger Offensive and Asura Strike may ignore this stat completely.
Vitality Necessary in all builds but due to other stats taking priority in most generic Monk builds, Vitality is usually kept at between 40-60.
Intelligence Monks with builds centered around Asura Strike would want some Intelligence to boost the damage of the aforementioned skill as Intelligence increases one's SP, the latter being a factor in damage calculation of Asura Strike. Combo Monks may ignore this stat.
Dexterity Dexterity is the 2nd most important stat, after Strength, of PvP/WoE Monks as it decreases the cast time of skills, which is vital for pulling off successful Finger Offensives or Asura Strikes, even more so for the latter as it can be interrupted by being hit. Combo Monks would also need a decent amount of Dexterity in order to make every hit count as it also increase one's accuracy.
Luck Monks who use Fury to increase their chances of scoring critical hits may invest in Luck to further increase it. Combo and PvP/WoE Monks may ignore this stat completely.

Stat Builds[edit]

Job Stat Bonuses[edit]


Active Skills[edit]

Summon Spirit Sphere[edit]

Level Max. no. of spirit spheres SP Consumption
1 1 8
2 2 8
3 3 8
4 4 8
5 5 8
  • Active
  • Requirements: (Monk) Level 2 Iron Fists
  • Required for: Spirit Sphere Absorption (5), Occult Impaction (5), Flee (5)
  • Mastered at Level 5

Summons a spirit sphere, which revolves around the Monk. Each spirit sphere lasts for 10 minutes or until they are used up by skills, and also adds 3 damage to the Monk's ATK. Has an uninterruptable base cast time of 1.5 seconds, which can be reduced by Dex. This is a fundamental skill and must be maxed out by all Monks as it unlocks up the rest of the skill tree, and spirit spheres are used in many of the Monk's skills.

Spirit Sphere Absorption[edit]

  • Active
  • Requirements: (Monk) Level 5 Summon Spirit Sphere
  • Required for: Fury (1)
  • Mastered at Level 1

This skill converts all remaining spirit spheres on a Monk into SP, for 7 SP per spirit sphere. Can be used on other Monks/Champions in PvP/WoE, thus rendering them unable to use some of their skills until they re-cast Summon Spirit Sphere/Zen. Can also be used on monsters, with a 20% to steal 2*level of monster's SP.


Level Critical added SP Consumption
1 +10 15
2 +12.5 15
3 +15 15
4 +17.5 15
5 +20 15
  • Active
  • Catalyst: 5 spirit spheres
  • Requirements: (Monk) Level 1 Spirit Sphere Absorption
  • Required for: Asura Strike (3)
  • Mastered at Level 5

This skill, when activated, increase critical rate for 3 minutes. However, SP regeneration is disabled during that period of time. Monks who are relying on critical hits should max out this skill, whereas others should leave it at Level 3 as a prerequisite for Asura Strike.

Occult Impaction Icon (Ragnarok Online).png Occult Impaction[edit]

  • Active
  • Catalyst: 1 spirit sphere
  • Requirements: (Monk) Level 5 Summon Spirit Sphere
  • Required for: Finger Offensive (3)
  • Mastered at Level 5

This skill deals physical damage with a range of 2 cells. Unlike other offensive skills, however, the more defense the target has, the more damage Occult Impaction deals. The formula for calculating Occult Impaction damage is [ATK x (1 + 0.75*SkillLvl) x (Enemy Armour + Enemy Vit)/50] x Card effect. This skill never misses no matter how much flee the target has. Useful skill for taking down monsters with high Def or players with a lot of Vit such as Knight and Crusaders and their transcended counterparts.

Finger Offensive Icon (Ragnarok Online).png Finger Offensive[edit]

Level ATK per sphere Max. no. of spheres Base Cast Time SP Consumption
1 150% 1 1.5s 10
2 175% 2 2.2s 10
3 200% 3 2.9s 10
4 225% 4 3.6s 10
5 250% 5 4.3s 10
  • Active
  • Catalyst: 1-5 spirit spheres
  • Requirements: (Monk) Level 3 Occult Impaction
  • Required for: Asura Strike (3)
  • Mastered at Level 5

Ranged skill which fire spirit sphere(s) at the target. Finger Offensive has a huge cast time and relies on the user's hit rate, thus high Dex is advised to make this skill effective. A very useful skill that, with the right weapon, can kill a wide variety of monsters with a single Level 5 shot, and also very threatening to players with low HP such as Wizards in PvP/WoE, and thus it is advisable for Monks who have sufficient skill points left over to max out this skill. The damage is affected by elemental weapons/enchantments.

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Passive Skills[edit]

Iron Fists[edit]

Level Dmg Added
1 +3
2 +6
3 +9
4 +12
5 +15
6 +18
7 +21
8 +24
9 +27
10 +30
  • Passive
  • Requirements: (Acolyte) Level 10 Divine Protection, Level 10 Demonbane
  • Required for: Summon Spirit Sphere (2), Flee (5)
  • Mastered at Level 10

This skill increases damage while bare-handed or using knuckle-type weapons. Most Monks would get 5 levels of this in order to unlock the combo part of the skill tree.


Level Flee added
1 +1
2 +3
3 +4
4 +6
5 +7
6 +9
7 +10
8 +12
9 +13
10 +15
  • Passive
  • Requirements: (Monk) Level 5 Iron Fists, Level 5 Summon Spirit Sphere
  • Required for: Raging Trifecta Blow (5), Root (5)
  • Mastered at Level 10

Adds flee rate. Most Monks get 5 levels of this as a prerequisite to other skills, but is otherwise quite useless as the flee added per level does not justify using up 10 skill points on.

Raging Trifecta Blow[edit]

Level ATK Chance of activation
1 120% 29%
2 140% 28%
3 160% 27%
4 180% 26%
5 200% 25%
6 220% 24%
7 240% 23%
8 260% 22%
9 280% 21%
10 300% 20%
  • Passive
  • Requirements: (Monk) Level 5 Flee
  • Required for: Raging Quadruple Blow (5)
  • Mastered at Level 10

This skill randomly lands 3 consecutive hits on the target during normal melee attacks with a 1.3 second delay(decreases as amount of Agility increase) that occurs right after activation, during which one can activate Raging Quadruple Blow. As the percentage of the skill activating decreases as the skill level increases, it is advisable to leave Raging Trifecta Blow at Level 5 so that more combos can be chained.

Spiritual Cadence[edit]

Level HP recovered SP recovered
1 MaxHP/500 + 4 MaxSP/500 + 2
2 MaxHP/250 + 8 MaxSP/250 + 4
3 MaxHP/166 + 12 MaxSP/166 + 6
4 MaxHP/125 + 16 MaxSP/125 + 8
5 MaxHP/100 + 20 MaxSP/100 + 10
  • Passive
  • Requirements: (Monk) Level 2 Root
  • Required for: Snap (2)
  • Mastered at Level 5

This skill is activated when the Monk is sitting. Regenerates HP and SP every 10 seconds (every 20 seconds if the Monk is overweight). Not particularly useful as one has to sit down in order to benefit from this skill, which is not practical in maps with aggressive monsters as well as PvP/WoE. Most Monks invest in this skill only as a prerequisite to Snap.

Skill Builds[edit]


Skill Quests[edit]

Job Change Quest[edit]