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Stat Advice[edit]

Stat Builds[edit]

Devotion Paladin
  • STR: 25+9
  • AGI: 1+8
  • VIT: 99+10
  • INT: 1+7
  • DEX: 99+8
  • LUK: 1+3

The stat bonuses are natural and do not include equipment/cards/foods.

Pure sacrifice Paladin
  • STR: 0+9
  • AGI: 99+8 (use more stat points on agi for higher atsp)
  • VIT: 99+10 (use more stat points on vit for higher damage.)
  • INT: 40+7
  • DEX: 0+8
  • LUK: 0+3
Pure pressure Paladin
  • STR: 0+9
  • AGI: 99+8 (use more stat points on agi for greater saves and dodge, this is important because of low vit!)
  • VIT: 0+10
  • INT: 99+7 (you should have enough int for using pressure numerous amount of times, increase until satisfied.)
  • DEX: 142+8 (this is important for instant cast pressure.)
  • LUK: 0+3
Grand Cross Sacrifice Paladin
  • STR: 15+19 (with Blessing and job bonuses, some str for carrying item)
  • AGI: 1+20 (with increase agi and job bonuses)
  • VIT: 90+10 (job bonuses, get enough for sacrifice)
  • INT: 99+17 (with Blessing and job bonuses, max it for greater Grand Cross damage)
  • DEX: 40+18 (with blessing and job bonuses, get it enough for Grand Cross casting time)
  • LUK: 1+3

Job Stat Bonuses[edit]

Job Stat Bonuses (Job LVL. 70) STR: 9 AGI: 8 VIT: 10 INT: 7 DEX: 8 LUK: 3


Active Skills[edit]

Passive Skills[edit]

Skill Builds[edit]


Skill Quests[edit]

So still has the old version of the Shrink quest involving one NPC, where the chance of successfully acquiring it is 1 in 6, each time requiring another set of quest items.

Anyways, like all the quest changes to avRO, this will give you the run around.

- Shrink Platinum Skill Quest - ~ For Paladin / Crusader

1. Go to Geffen and locate Ford (110, 116). He will tell you to find a wounded soldier named Sloutii.

2. Purchase a red potion before attempting to find Sloutii. Sloutii is located in the Britonnia Guild Castle Map. Which can be accessed from the WoE Castle Warper NPC in major towns (Prontera, Payon, Rachel; etc.) by selecting 'Geffen'. Alternatively, you can also travel there by foot. The map is one left, and one down from Geffen.

3. Sloutii is located at (297, 241) of Britonnia, the main entrance of Eeyolbriggar. After applying the red potion, he request that you return to Ford.

4. Go back to Ford in Geffen. He will send you to the Pastor at Prontera Church.

5. Go to Prontera Church (located far north-east of Prontera), and find the pastor (87, 126), at the end of the aisle. He will offer to formulate an antidote for Sloutii that will require the following items:

That is:

- 20 Sticky Mucus (Poporing, Zombie, etc.) - 3 Empty Bottles (Poring, ant egg, etc.) - 5 Jellopies (Poring, poporing, etc.) - 1 Coal (ShopSmith NPC at Payon, Prontera, etc.) - 1 Grape (Familiar) - 3 Cyfars (Chung E, Wild Rose, etc.) - 1 Unripe Apple (Pet Catch Merchant NPC, poring)

After surrendering the above items, he will send you to cure Sloutii.

Job Change Quest[edit]