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Samurai Shodown IV
Box artwork for Samurai Shodown IV.
Japanese titleサムライスピリッツ天草降臨
Designer(s)Galapagos Team
Release date(s)
Arcade icon.png Arcade
Neo Geo icon.png Neo Geo
Neo Geo CD icon.png Neo Geo CD
Sega Saturn icon.png Sega Saturn
PlayStation icon.png PlayStation
PlayStation 3 icon.png PlayStation Portable icon.png PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable
System(s)Arcade, Neo Geo, Neo Geo CD, PlayStation, Sega Saturn, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows
ModesSingle player, multiplayer
CERO: CERO B.jpg Ages 12 and up
ESRB: ESRB T.png Teen
PEGI: PEGI 12.png Ages 12+
Preceded bySamurai Shodown III
Followed bySamurai Shodown V
SeriesSamurai Shodown
TwitchSamurai Shodown IV Channel

Samurai Shodown IV: Amakusa's Revenge (サムライスピリッツ天草降臨, Samurai Suppiritsu Amakusa Kōrin?, released as Samurai Spirits: Amakusa's Descent in Japan) is the fourth in SNK's flagship Samurai Shodown series of fighting games. Chronologically, is the second and final chapter of an interquel between Samurai Shodown and Samurai Shodown II, being Samurai Shodown III the first chapter.

After Samurai Shodown III was received more or less poorly by the fighting game community, SNK again went back to address the complaints, and tried to deliver a followup that would hopefully regain some of the magic that had made Samurai Shodown II such a hit.

The most obvious change is visual, with dramatically adjusted color palettes for the individual characters, generally brightening them up and reducing contrast, in the attempt to make the game more cartoonish. Aerial blocking was removed entirely, and the switcharound move, which enabled a player to shift quickly behind the other's back, as well as the dodge (Evade; side-step), in which the move virtually brings a semi-3D environment to the defense in attempt to use each sword more effectively.

Following the same philosophy, some of the older characters were restored, such as Charlotte, Tam Tam and Yagyu Jubei. The entire cast of the previous game also returns, though some have been retouched to further enhance the cartoonish look.

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Character Select[edit]

Portrait SSIV Tam Tam.png Portrait SSIV Sogetsu.png Portrait SSIV Shiro.png Portrait SSIV Kazuki.png Portrait SSIV Charlotte.png
Portrait SSIV Nakoruru.png Portrait SSIV Genjuro.png Portrait SSIV Zankuro.png Portrait SSIV Haohmaru.png Portrait SSIV Rimururu.png
Portrait SSIV Gaira.png Portrait SSIV Ukyo.png Portrait SSIV Cham Cham.png Portrait SSIV Galford.png Portrait SSIV Shizumaru.png
Portrait SSIV Kyoshiro.png Portrait SSIV Hanzo.png Portrait SSIV Jubei.png Portrait SSIV Basara.png