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Main Missions[edit]

The Ballad of Gay Tony has 26 missions in the main storyline. These missions appear whenever you receive a text message or phone call from a person, and start by visiting a specific location on the map. Only these missions are needed to complete the game, but there are still side missions that can help make things easier.

Gay Tony
  • I Luv LC - Take Tony to Hercules, Maissonete 9, then take your friends home, before returning to your apartment
  • Practice Swing - Play some golf and kill the Union Official's men.
  • Chinese Takeout - Go to the Triad building, and then escape from it.
Adriana Yanira Lopez
  • Momma's Boy - Assist or kill Mr. Santo in making money by attending the L.C. Cage Fighters.
Armando Torres and Henrique Bardas
  • Corner Kids- Assist Armando & Henrique in a Drug Deal that is botched.
  • Clocking Off - Assist Armando & Henrique in a Robbery.
Yusuf Amir
Mori Kibbutz
Gay Tony
  • Bang Bang - Use the Sticky Bombs to destroy the targets.
  • Blog This!... - Setup a deal for The Celebinator.
  • Frosting on the Cake - Buy the Diamonds along with Tony, then kill the bikers that ambush the deal.
  • Boulevard Baby - Go to Bahama Mamas to dance with Monique, then kill Vic Manzano, then leave the club.
  • ...Blog This! - Teach The Celebinator a lesson.
  • Not So Fast - Recover the diamonds from Isaac Roth, then escape the museum.
  • Ladies' Night - Follow Packie McReary to where Gracie Ancelotti's being held captive.
Ray Bulgarin
Yusuf Amir
Gay Tony
  • Ladies Half Price - Deal with the guys who kidnapped Gracie, trade the diamonds for her and escape.
Rocco Pelosi
  • Party's Over - Kill Uncle Vince, and then kill Bulgarin's men.
Gay Tony