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Air Hockey[edit]

Arm Wrestling[edit]


If your bored out of your mind, have nothing to do in Liberty City, then go and play bowling at Memory Lanes! You might even be lucky enough to have 10 strikes in a row! Or maybe if you suck too much, you'll get them all into the gutter. There are only two Memory Lanes in the whole game, one is located by the carnival place in Firefly Island, and the other by the docks at Westminister.



The best place to go drinking is across the street from your first safehouse. Then you can stagger back across the street to the cafe where eating will sober you up.

If you try to drive before getting completely sober, the cops will get you for sure.

Dining out[edit]

You can eat at a local Burger Shot, or maybe have a meal-to-go at one of the many hotdog vendors located in Liberty City. Ethier way, it will replenish your health, and you won't be satisfied at all.