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Now its your turn to be the cop! This side mission is by far more realistic than the previous 'Vigilante' missions in the previous games. The vigilante side missions are unlocked after you complete Faustin's mission Crime and Punishment. Steal a police car and while stopped access your police computer by pressing L1 button, and use the joysticks to select an option.

The Options are:

  • View Current Crimes
  • Search Police Records
  • View Most Wanted
  • Call Police Backup

Select most wanted and work your way through the list of the 30 most wanted (10 in Alderney, 10 in Alqonquin, and 10 in Dukes, Broker, and Bohan). Unlike in previous Grand theft auto games once you get to the target zone, you can get out of the police car to take down the criminals. The criminals can be taken down in any order.

Ways to get a police car[edit]

There are a few frequently ungaurded police cars in Liberty City. There is one in an alley between Sundance street and Hickcock street in Broker. The other one is in Acter Industrial Park in Alderney. Its in an alley behind the police station (Close to the two flying rats). Sometimes is may be difficult to obtain a police car without attracting a wanted level. A short cut is by to spawn a FIB BUFFALO.