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This is a list of the car thefts you can do for Stevie. These cars are found in the state of Alderney. You can only steal the car that Stevie texts you to steal. The order in which car you must get is random. Try to deliver the car in the best condition for optimum cash.


  • Location: Parked outside a grage of a house on Owl Creek Ave in Westdyke
  • Perfect condition value: $36,300

Police patrol area and has an alarm so outrun your star quickly.


  • Location: In a driveway of a house across the street from Westdyke Memorial Hospital
  • Perfect condition value: $23,100

No alarm and no cops.


  • Location: Alley in Alderney City off Boyden Ave
  • Perfect condition value: $29,700

Alarm but small chance of police attention.


  • Location: Parked by the docks in Normandy, in the Pharte Gas company parking lot
  • Perfect condition value: $7,750

Isolated area so no threat of police attention.


  • Location: Docks in Port Tudor
  • Perfect condition value: $8,250

Owner should be standing next to the rancher. Its locked but no alarm as well as no cops.


  • Location: Driveway of a large green home in Berchem
  • Perfect condition value: $11,550

Isolated area so let the alarm die out and deliver the car.