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Politics is the first mission provided by Thomas Stubbs III. He wants you to kill his uncle, who owns the family trust and is therefore preventing Stubbs from winning the next election.

The mission starts when Johnny approaches the clubhouse in near Middle Park.

Note: There is full frontal nudity in the introduction cutscene.


  • Get to the airpory runway (before a specific time)
  • The chopper is landing. Find a way to take out the target.
  • (Optional) The convoy is on the move. Take out the target.
  • (Optional) The target is dead and you are locked inside the airport. Go to the opened gate.
  • Lose the cops.


After meeting with stubbs, you will need to approach the airport. While there is a time limit, it is extremely generous, and can be made simply through normal travel.

At the airport, the gate is guarded by the secret service. From here, you can drive directly into the airport to attack, or ambush the convoy as it leaves.

If you choose to drive into the airport, you can shoot down the helicopter as it approaches. This will trigger a four-star wanted rating and close the airport gate you used to enter. Drive across the airstrip to the southwest gate, to reduce it to two stars, and flee before the police catch up.

If you choose to ambush the convoy, you should first wait out of vision of the secret service guarding the airport gate. Destroy the car containing the VIP, and either escape or destroy the other two vehicles. This will result in a four-star wanted rating, which requires evading police over a wider area, in addition to road blocks on major bridges.