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The car thefts are one of the most profitable side-missions with close to $400,000 in total possible. In order to unlock the car thefts you must have completed Brucie's mission No. 1 and Derrick's mission Smackdown. Soon after you complete both you will get a call from Brucie who mentions his friend Stevie who needs someone to steal some cars for him. Eventually you will get your first text from Stevie. All future texts from Stevie will include a picture of the car he wants and the general location (the car won't spawn until you get the text). Your job is to steal that same exact car and deliver it to Stevie's garage in South Bohan. The condition of the car when you deliver it determines how much money you get (Stevie has been known not to accept cars that have smoking engines). A good piece of advise is use the pay n' spray. The bad thing about that is there are no pay n' sprays in Bohan so you must be very careful when driving the car. Using the pay n' spray will not cancel the mission. There are thirty cars you must steal overall and there on all the boroughs and Alderney. Some have car alarms while others don't and if your driving a car with its alarm beeping in earshot of cop, you get a star. You should try to lose the police who might damage your car.