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This is a list of the car thefts you can do for Stevie. These cars are found in the boroughs of Dukes, Broker and Bohan. You can only steal the car that Stevie texts you to steal. The order in which car you must get is random. Try to deliver the car in the best condition for optimum cash. The closest pay n' spray for all of the following cars is on Gibson street. For the cars in Dukes and Broker you are probably going to go past the toll booths. You should pay the toll to avoid police attention.

Huntley Sport[edit]

  • Location: In a small parking lot behind the LCPD station in Northern Gardens.
  • Perfect condition value: $13,200

To avoid stars wait until there aren't any police around to break in because it has an alarm. Wait for it to die down to leave the parking lot and deliver it to Stevie.


  • Location: Industrial district, in a small parking lot a few blocks away for the S&M Auto Garage.
  • Perfect condition value: $5,940

You can expect a star because there is usually a cop patrolling the area and the car has an alarm. The good thing is that the garage is close and you can get there quickly.


  • Location: Charge Island. In a empty parking lot off the road where the kidnap exchange occured.
  • Perfect condition value: $7,260

There is usually no cops in the area so this one's pretty easy.


  • Location: Near the outdoor pool in Steinway.
  • Perfect condition value: $7,260

There are cops on patrol in the area so be careful.


  • Location: In small lot between buildings at the Twichin's Sugar factory in BOABO. Under the stairs you chased Dardan up in Roman's mission "Bleed Out".
  • Perfect condition value: $8,250

No alarm or cops in sight makes this very easy.


  • Location: Near the Skyscraper buliding in East Island City. Its on Bunker Hill Ave.
  • Perfect condition value: $6,600

Make sure there are no cops around and you should have no problem.

Sabre GT[edit]

  • Location: Driveway of a decent mansion near Meadows Park Towers.
  • Perfect condition value: $8,250

Alarm but very little chance of any police attention, if you don't go speeding off.


  • Location: In front of the Canyon Megaplex in Willis
  • Perfect condition value: $6,600

The area is not under heavy patrol by the LCPD so jack it and deliver it.


  • Location: Behind the Buger Shot near the Huntington Street subway stop.
  • Perfect condition value: $3,960

No alarm and in an isolated area away from cops.


  • Location: Parked by the curb in front of the Willis Wash and Lube.
  • Perfect condition value: $6,600

You will most likely get a wanted star but you can out run out of it easily.


  • Location: Top floor of the Francis International Airport parking lot.
  • Perfect condition value: $8,250

No cops and no alarm makes this as easy as pie.


  • Location: Close ot the Liberty City Transport Authority building in Rotterdam Hill.
  • Perfect condition value: $8,250

It's tough not to get a wanted star here. But, it can be easily outrun.


  • Location: In front of the Pizza Salad restaurant on Mohawk Ave, in Outlook park.
  • Perfect condition value: $33,000

The alarm will sound when you jack it, but if you were careful not to jack it with police around then let it die out and proceed. Considering this is one of the cars worth the most, make sure that you don't hit anything.


  • Location: A parking lot near the subway stop in Hove Beach. Its across form the amusement park.
  • Perfect condition value: $5,940

Has an alarm but can avoid police attention if you jack it at the right time.