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These are the people who are the Most Wanted in the Boroughs of Dukes, Broker, and Bohan. The List does not have to be completed in order or wanted ranking (e.g. you don't have to start with #1 and work your way down). Unlike previous Grand Theft Auto games, you don't get a reward after each person taken down. However, the person who is most wanted will drop a significant amount of money when killed. Though it may seem unfair, if an individual is within a group then you need to take down perp and their posse. All individuals needed to be taken out are marked as red dots on the mini-map. To avoid being repetitive, for all Most Wanted missions an RPG is really helpful.

#1 Maxwell Caughlin[edit]

  • Wanted For: Gang Related Violence
  • Hangout: Joliet Ave. and Hallowback St., South Bohan
  • Multiple individuals: Yes
  • Recommended Weapon(s): At least 300 rounds of the SMG/Mini-SMG for the car chase and/or a hand gun if you have to chase one of them on foot.

When you get to the location of this perp he will be pulling out of an alley and beginning to drive away. Give chase and open fire on his car. When the car is damaged enough, he and his two partners will bail out and flee on foot in different directions. Kill them in any order before they get too far away, or one of them will escape and cause you to fail. The money should be dropped by at least one of the perps, although it's not much if you already have over $20,000.

#2 Scott Guzowski[edit]

  • Wanted For: Gang Related Violence
  • Hangout: Steinway, Dukes
  • Multiple individuals: Yes
  • Recommended weapon(s): 10 rounds of a sniper rifle or 150 rounds of either SMG.

When you reach the park that Scott and his gang is in get out your weapon. There are four targets for you to take out. Kill them however you want to. When you kill Scott, usually the one on the steps if you are are on the upper level walkway, he will drop some cash, not a lot though. There is no threat of any of them running away.

#3 Antonio Rivette[edit]

  • Wanted For: Racketeering
  • Hangout: South Slopes, Broker
  • Multiple individuals: Yes
  • Recommended weapon(s): 20 rounds of a shotgun or 200 rounds of either SMG.

Once you reach Antonio's hangout get out and shoot the guy at the bottom of the steps. Then head up to the second floor and take out the enemy(s) on the second floor. Your last enemy might flee up to the top and go onto the tracks. If your luck there will be a train there and it will just run him over. If not then take him down. For some reason nobody drops any money when killed.

#4 Rodrigo Stavnes[edit]

  • Wanted For: Racketeering
  • Hangout: Steinway, Dukes
  • Multiple individuals: Yes
  • Recommended weapon(s): 200 rounds of a SMG or 100 rounds of an Assault rifle. For this specific mission running the perps over is the best idea because they don't have any weapons.

Make sure when you add their location to you radar that you follow Franklin St. below the apartment buildings to trigger the chase. Your targets begin running down that same street. Run them over or shoot them before they get to Trenton Ave. This is because two of them head up that street while the other two continue to run down Franklin. For some unknown reason nobody drops any money when killed.

#5 Fernando Tisdel[edit]

  • Wanted For: Human Trafficking
  • Hangout: Crockett Ave., Hove Beach
  • Multiple individuals: Yes
  • Recommended weapon(s): 350 rounds of a SMG

Once you get to the target zone a car chase ensues. Riddle the car with bullets as the chases goes down the Broker-Dukes expressway. They will fire back at you so be ready. When the car is about to go up in flames the perps will bailout. However, it seems that they come out of the car on fire and die anyway. If Fernando bailed out, kill him an collect the meagre cash he drops.

#6 Tyler Pickrel[edit]

  • Wanted For: Human Trafficking
  • Hangout: Meadows Park, Dukes
  • Multiple individuals: No
  • Recommended weapon(s): Running him over with a car does the trick easily.

For once you don't have to face a gang. Tyler is in the park. When you reach the target zone he will run like any other wanted criminal would do. Run him over or shoot him. It doesn't matter so long as you kill him. When he dies he will drop some cash for you, but again not a lot.

#7 Preston Pecinovsky[edit]

  • Wanted For: Credit Card Fraud
  • Hangout: North Gardens, Bohan
  • Multiple individuals: Yes
  • Recommended Weapons: At least 500 rounds of the SMG/Mini-SMG for the chase, grenades, or 150+ rounds of an Assault Rifle.

Head over to the abandoned lot and you'll find two parked cars with gangsters around them. Do yourself a big favor: kill them before they get the chance to drive away! Throw grenades or shell the cars with bullets. Doing so will prevent them from escaping in two cars which go in different directions after a couple of blocks. Once you eliminate them in whatever way you see fit, pick up the money (if there is any).

#8 Alonso Goralski[edit]

  • Wanted For: Burglary
  • Hangout: Francis International Airport
  • Multiple individuals: Yes
  • Recommended weapon(s): At least 400 rounds of a SMG

This mission can be hard if you don't kill one of the targets within five seconds of triggering the chase. You have to kill the driver of a station wagon that is pulling out of the tarmac and into traffic and kill the person with the shotgun. Your best bet is to fill the guy ouside the car of bullets drive-by style and gun down the station wagon. If you wait too long killing the guy with the shotgun then the other is likely to get away and you to fail. It doen't really matter how you kill them just do it.

#9 Bret Reker[edit]

  • Wanted For: Drug Trafficking
  • Hangout: BOABO, Broker
  • Multiple individuals: Yes
  • Recommended weapon(s): 300 rounds of a Assault rifle, 500 rounds of any pistol or SMG, or if you are good with it, 10 rounds of a snipe rifle

When you get to the target zone, the enemy will open fire. You can do this mission in one of two ways. You could go in with guns blazing and let'em bullets fly. Or you could go to the ledge of the backlot that is across the street and snipe them. Which ever way you choose has its advantages and disadvantages. Personally, I would go with the sniper method because the cash isn't worth it, but that's just me. Keep in mind that the junkyard that they are in can provide good cover for both you and your enemy. So check those corners.

#10 Freddy Paparo[edit]

  • Wanted For: Grand Theft Auto(!)
  • Hangout: Steinway, Dukes
  • Multiple individuals: Yes
  • Recommended weapon(s): 200 rounds of a SMG

Freddy and his posse are in a car so you can expect a chase. There are four people in the car, most of whom will shoot at you through the windows. It appears if you kill two of them the other two get out and open fire on you. Kill them in any manner you see fit. Freddy has a unique suit on so you could find him easier to collect that meager cash he drops.