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Castle Gardens[edit]

At the most southern tip of Algonquin is Castle Gardens, a park based on Battery Park. Like Battery Park, Castle Gardens offers a view of the game's version of the Statue of Liberty, the Statue of Happiness.

Battery Park is named as it was the site of a fort with gun batteries when New York was a Dutch and later a British Colony, a large castle type building is on the very southern tip of Castle Gardens and may be what the area is named for. In this same building there is currently a restaurant called the Poop Deck, which is a favorite meeting place of the crooked Deputy Commissioner Francis McReary when making off the record business deals.

The Exchange[edit]

Full of skyscrapers and stockbrokers, the Exchange is the in game equivalent of the Financial District. The famous law firm Goldberg, Ligner & Shyster is located here, as well as Perseus, where designer suits can be purchased.

Castle Garden City[edit]

If Castle Gardens in Battery Park, Castle Garden City is Battery Park City. On its west side is a large park and promenade on the West River offering a view of Alderney and Happiness Island. Among the buildings in the neighborhood are replicas of the World Financial Center.

Happiness Island[edit]

The location of the Statue of Happiness, Happiness Island is a combination of Ellis Island and Liberty Island. While the Statue of Liberty holds a torch, the Statue of Happiness holds what looks like a cappuccino cup from Starbucks and has a goofy grin on its face.

City Hall[edit]

As the name implies, this is the location of City Hall and it is based on Civic Center. In addition to City Hall there are replicas of the Manhattan Municipal Building and the Woolworth Building.


Named for it's real life counterpart, Chinatown is located in lower Algonquin and is home of the Triads who run a gun shop in a cellar beneath one of the many buildings here. While neither Chinatown or the Triads play a large role in the main storyline, this neighborhood is one of the more memorable with neon signs in Chinese and trigger happy Chinese gangsters creeping out of alleyways.

Fishmarket South[edit]

South Street Seaport on the street on the New York City.

Fishmarket North[edit]

Cooperative Village on the 2nd in NYC.

Little Italy[edit]

Like Chinatown, Little Italy shares a name with its real life counterpart. Full of Italian restaurants and wiseguys, this is grand zero for the Five Commission Families of the Libery City Mafia. Like Chinatown, if you hang around for too long you may attract attention from the wrong sort of characters and end up "sleeping with the fishes."

Pegorino family capo Ray Boccino manages a restaurant here called Drusilla's; it's from here that Boccino conducts business.


An upscale shopping district based on SoHo, Suffolk has cobblestone streets lined with Grand Theft Auto brand boutiques such as Didier Sachs and Ranch.

There is an old cathedral on the border of Suffolk and Little Italy where the McReary family holds a funeral during the main storyline. The cathedral is most likely based on Old Saint Patrick's Cathedral which is in between Little Italy and SoHo.

Lower Easton[edit]

Based on the Lower East Side, Lower Easton was traditionally a working class and immigrant neighborhood that has recently begun attracting students, bohemians, and artists.


Although it is geographically much closer to the East Village, Easton has little, if anything in common with that neighborhood, instead containing two Midtown landmarks; the MetLife Building based GetaLife Building and Grand Easton Terminal which is the game equivalent of Grand Central Terminal.

Presidents City[edit]

Geographically close to New York's East village, Presidents City contains Leaper's Bridge, the sole bridge linking Algonquin and the small Colony Island, connected through Colony Island's one main road, President Avenue. In terms of attractions, there are no major conveniences or points of interest based in the area, however there is the nearby Grand Easton Terminal, which is placed on the district's borders.

The majority of the population in the area is American, with four blocks of high rise apartments and community areas (including basketball courts and playgrounds) within its vicinity. The area has no connection to the Subway system, with the nearest station being located in Easton, and seems to be loosely based upon Alphabet City.

Colony Island[edit]

Colony Island is the second smallest in game island (after Happiness Island) and contains just one main road running through the centre, linking to the island of Algonquin through Leaper's Bridge and the SkyTram which can be ridden by the player (based upon the Roosevelt Island Tramway). Off to the East (Right on the Map) is the Old Hospital where during the mission 'The Snow Storm' you must recover Elizabeta's drugs for her, clearly based upon the abandoned smallpox hospital on Roosevelt Island. It and Charge Island (its twin island to the North) are probably based upon Roosevelt Island.

The Triangle[edit]

Containing Rotterdam Tower, the in game equivalent of the Empire State Building which covers an entire block, The Triangle is perhaps a point of interest in the game, especially for those wishing to sightsee. Also included is the mysterious United Liberty Paper Building, where Niko completes missions for an agent in office 396.

A LCPD station is located in The Triangle, along with its namesake, the Triangle Building, which is based on the Flatiron building in the Flatiron district of New York, which is probably the most similar real life district to that of The Triangle.

The Meat Quarter[edit]

Meatpacking District


Chelsea on the Francis McReary on LCPD.


Hell's Kitchen from the Purgatory on Liberty City. on the present of New York City.

Star Junction[edit]

Times Square in the second of New York City in the from Star Junction of Liberty City.


Kips Bay

Hatton Gardens[edit]

Turtle Bay

Middle Park[edit]

Central Park

Middle Park East[edit]

Upper East Side

Middle Park West[edit]

Upper West Side

Varsity Heights[edit]

Hamilton Heights


Carnegie Hill

East Holland[edit]

Hudson Heights

North Holland[edit]

Washington Heights