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One of Kirby's and Gooey's most iconic powers is their copy abilities. After Kirby or Gooey has consumed a particular enemy that grants copy abilities, they can swallow the enemy to gain said ability. Copy abilities give Kirby and Gooey alternate forms of attack, ones that are often safer or more consistent than normal swallowing and spitting.

Compared to its immediate sequel Kirby Super Star, Kirby's Dream Land 3 drastically reduced the amount of copy abilities available. However, like Kirby's Dream Land 2, each copy ability can be altered in various ways depending on your Animal Friends.


  • Enemies: Bobo, Bukiset, Galbo, Magoo
  • Mid-Boss: Boboo

Makes Kirby charge forward, defeating any enemies in his path. It can be used underwater, but the range of the ability greatly diminishes. It's great for blazing past hallways, but pretty limited in vertical sections.

  • Rick - Rick breaths a sweeping beam of fire. It has good range out of water and has a useful cone-shaped area.
  • Coo - Similar to normal Burning, except that Coo and Kirby dive downward. If they touch the ground, they will move along it.
  • Kine - Kine launches a circular, flat plate of fire. Amazing range and doesn't stop after hitting an enemy.
  • Nago - Kirby creates some ember that turns into an advancing, expanding wall of fire when it reaches the ground. Great for clearing long corridors.
  • Chuchu - Kirby breathes a low range flare. Hold Up Dpad to breath upward, making Chuchu act like hot balloon, ascend infinitely and clear blocks above.
  • Pitch - Pitch shoots forward while engulfed in fire. It will return to Kirby afterward while still alight, defeating enemies along the way.


  • Enemies: Broom Hatter, Bukiset, Keke
  • Mid-Boss: Haboki

Kirby uses a broom to sweep, damaging enemies with the broom and the dust cloud. It has limited range and poor speed, but is necessary for some Heart Stars.

  • Rick - Rick uses a duster to dust in front of him. Has more range than the normal Clean.
  • Coo - Kirby turns Coo into a feather duster. Dramatically increased range compared to standard Clean.
  • Kine - Kine uses a plunger to grab enemies, then launches them forward. Acts similar to normal inhale.
  • Nago - Nago pushes Kirby along the ground to clean. It works like a slower, grounded Burning, defeating enemies in Kirby's path.
  • Chuchu - Chuchu creates a broom and flies with Kirby on it like a witch. The broom emits sparkles at its rear end which damages enemies. Impractical as an attack, but greatly improves your mobility.
  • Pitch - Pitch launches a blob of water a fair distance. Huge range, but difficult to aim properly.


  • Enemies: Bukiset, Kapar, Sir Kibble
  • Mid-Boss: N/A

Kirby throws a sharp boomerang to hit enemies from a distance. It's the best ability for those playing safe, since one can dispatch enemies without putting themselves in danger.

  • Rick - Kirby turns into a boomerang that can be thrown by Rick. The boomerang moves slowly, but it is rather big and can be guided based on Rick's position.
  • Coo - Coo launches its feathers as a spinning projectile. The feathers' vertical trajectory can be influenced using the directional pad.
  • Kine - Kine shoots a sharp blade of energy that expands as it travels forward.
  • Nago - Nago holds Kirby up, who shoots a blade of energy diagonally upward. The angle it is shot is very awkward, especially against grounded enemies.
  • Chuchu - Kirby swings Chuchu in a circle around him. It creates a big hitbox that can easily clear any enmies surrounding the two.
  • Pitch - Kirby throws Pitch like a boomerang. It is a slightly faster version of Rick's Cutter.


  • Enemies: Bukiset, Chilly, Wappa
  • Mid-Boss: Yuki

With this ability, Kirby can breath freezing air that turns enemies into ice blocks. Kirby can then kick these ice blocks forward as projectiles.

  • Rick - Kirby and Rick become a snowman and scatters snow around them.
  • Coo - Coo shoots out three shards of ice. One travels straight forward, the other two travels diagonally up and down respectively.
  • Kine - Kine encases itself with Ice, becoming immobile but invincible and sinking down if in the water. Not as useful as other abilities.
  • Nago - Nago aims Kirby at the ground as Kirby breathes cold air, launching the duo up. Poor for attacking, but great for climbing up vertical sections of a stage.
  • Chuchu - Chuchu throws snowballs in random directions. You have no control over the arc of the snowballs, but it is thrown rapidly enough that you should easily hit enemies with it.
  • Pitch - Kirby winds Pitch up to spew icy breath, which can be angled slightly.


  • Enemies: Bozen, Bukiset, Tick, Togezo
  • Mid-Boss: Captain Stitch

Kirby surrounds himself with spikes, impaling enemies that gets close. Kirby is immobile while the spikes are out.

  • Rick - Rick's back becomes spiky, which harms enemies attacking from behind. It offers no protection at the front.
  • Coo - Kirby becomes a huge spike shooting downward, impaling enemies below. Good for vertical sections, limited in horizontal ones.
  • Kine - Kirby uses his default Needle ability while in Kine, causing spines to extend around Kine. There is barely any difference compared to Kirby's default Needle ability.
  • Nago - Kirby launches a bunch of spikes rapidly as Nago angles the shots slightly automatically. It's a decently useful projectile.
  • Chuchu - Chuchu launches spikes around her. The spikes have poor range and doesn't cover enemies below Kirby when jumping.
  • Pitch - Pitch jabs forward with his sharp beak, moving Kirby forward bit by bit. Kirby and Pitch's height remains the same as long as the ability is held.


  • Enemies: Bukiset, Klinko, Sasuke
  • Mid-Boss: Jumpershoot

The parasol Kirby gains from this ability protects him from attacks above and lets him glide in the air. It can also be swung to attack. The Parasol ability is the only one in the game that can't be used underwater.

  • Rick - Rick balances the parasol and Kirby on his nose. Not very useful for an attack.
  • Coo - Coo and Kirby spins around extremely quickly, damaging enemies nearby.
  • Kine - Kine faces upward and twirls with the parasol. Kine can glide while the parasol is out.
  • Nago - Nago and Kirby bounce on the parasol like a pogo stick, taking out enemies along the ground and below.
  • Chuchu - Kirby and Chuchu get in the parasol and use it to spin across the ground. Enemies in their path are damaged.
  • Pitch - Kirby bats Pitch like a ball, who then flies back to Kirby. Nice range, but Kirby is left vulnerable shortly after the attack.


  • Enemies: Bobbin, Bukiset, Sparky
  • Mid-Boss: N/A

Kirby surrounds itself in an electrical force field. It has less range than Needle and also renders Kirby immobile, but the field can neutralize projectiles.

  • Rick - Rick shoots a whip-like beam that sweeps an area in front of the duo. It has fairly good range.
  • Coo - Kirby sends a lightning bolt to strike enemies below. It has infinite vertical range, making it an awesome ability in vertical areas.
  • Kine - A lightbulb pops out from Kine and lights up the room. The bulb will eventually blow out, and the leftover shards can be used to harm enemies.
  • Nago - Nago holds Kirby to charge up the attack. After charging, they can run around freely while Kirby throws sparks in random directions.
  • Chuchu - Chuchu shoots a chargeable laser beam forward. When charged, the beam can pass through multiple enemies and bounce of walls.
  • Pitch - Kirby uses a remote control to pilot Pitch, who is surrounded by electricity. Kirby is immobile while using the attack, but can use Pitch to grab items or defeat enemies ahead and even through walls.


  • Enemies: Bukiset, Gansan, Rocky
  • Mid-Boss: Blocky

Kirby turns into a stone, dropping down if airborne and harming enemies below and around him when he lands. While in stone form, Kirby is completely invulnerable. An amazing defensive ability, but troublesome to use offensively.

  • Rick - Rick turns into a boulder as Kirby rolls on top of it. Rick can flatten anything in his path. Kirby can still be hurt if hit by an attack.
  • Coo - Kirby turns to stone and both fall. Coo can still fly slightly to lift them both up.
  • Kine - Kirby turns to stone inside Kine, making them both drop down. Almost no difference with normal Stone.
  • Nago - Nago holds a stone Kirby and slams him repeatedly in the ground. Nearby enemies are damaged.
  • Chuchu - Chuchu swings stone Kirby around, hitting enemies on both sides while moving forward slowly.
  • Pitch - Pitch turns into a stone, and will hop along the ground while Kirby holds on, causing tremors that damage nearby enemies.