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Within the forest lies Whispy Woods, a sentient tree that is one of the first to be possessed by Dark Matter. Kirby is no stranger to this opponent, but with the power of Dark Matter, Whispy Woods has a few new tricks up his sleeve.

Boss: Whispy Woods[edit]

As the boss of the first world, Whispy Woods is really a pushover. He will start off the battle by spitting fruit at you. The fruit will bounce along the ground, and if you lack a copy ability, you must inhale the fruit and spit them back at Whispy to damage him. Otherwise, just jump over or attack the fruit to cleanly evade them. Whispy Woods will also blow air puffs at you, which can curve toward you. Dodging it is easy, as the air puff travels slowly and can't curve too well. Lastly, avoid touching Whispy Woods' nose. While you must hit the nose to damage him, the spike can also damage you if you come into contact with it.

Once you reduce Whispy Woods to half health, he will become angry and starts chasing after you! The battle actually gets slightly easier, as Whispy has less attacks. Just keep running left so that he doesn't bump into you. Whispy will now spit out rotten fruit that can travel quite far and doesn't bounce. Again, if you don't have a copy ability, inhale the fruit and spit it back at Whispy to damage him. Once you take away the remainder of his health, Whispy will be defeated!

With the power of the Heart Stars, Grass Land is liberated from Dark Matter's clutch. A dark wall clears, creating a path to Ripple Field. With huge bodies of water polluted by Dark Matter, Kirby's quest is about to get more difficult, and a lot wetter too!