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A vast gray wall of rock blocks your path at the end of the desert. You must jump into the cracks of the rock, navigating around the nooks and crannies of this stone formation. Chuchu's best friend Nyupun is vacationing in this rocky plain, and wishes to see her. You must find Chuchu and accompany her to the end of the level if you want the Heart Star that Nyupun owns.

Gray plain path[edit]

Dogan make a return in this section, with three of them standing straight at the beginning of the level. If you can attack them directly you can simply defeat them, otherwise, just ignore them and move on into the level. Past the Dogan are several pots containing Wapod. Destroy the pots to stop them from spawning more Wapods. At the middle of the line of pots, you can drop down to a lower section. Go right to reach a door that takes you to Rick, or go left to collect some stars. Be careful of the pits when you collect the stars, particularly if you lack a midair jump, such as if you just picked up Rick.

Jump back up and destroy the remaining pots and several more Dogan to reach the latter half of the initial area. There are now stone blocks that fall and threaten to crush you. Just run under them while they are rising to minimize your chances of getting flattened. There are several stars and even a 1-Up that you can collect, but they will often put you in danger of one of the blocks, so judge carefully whether they are worth collecting. The door to the next area is located shortly after the 1-Up.

Sharp drop[edit]

This entirely vertical section contains nothing much other than some very valuable items. As soon as you start falling, float up to the right to land on a small ledge with a Maxim Tomato. There is also a cache of 1-Ups and stars somewhere along the left wall that requires the ice ability to reach. You can get the Ice ability from some Chillies at the bottom, but you can destroy the blocks without the help of certain Animal Friends. If you're not concerned about collecting items, simply fall to the door at the bottom. Don't worry about the Bronto Burts and Sasuke that are also floating around in the air, as you will fall fast enough to knock them away without taking damage yourself.

Heart Star: Chuchu among the boulders[edit]

This area is an auto-scroll section, so the screen will automatically scroll to the right, and you have to keep up to avoid getting crushed between a wall and the left border of the screen. To make things a bit more difficult, there are boulders lodged into the ceiling that will fall as soon as you pass below them. It doesn't roll very fast, so you just have to make sure you stay ahead of it. The first boulder rolls down a path with several Galbo, while the second boulder rolls down some steps lined by Oro.

After the second boulder, there is a steep slope leading to a door. You definitely want to go in that door, as it leads you to Chuchu, which is required to get the Heart Star in this stage. Return back to the main section to continue the scroll. The final boulder will drop soon, and this time you will have to get pass some Oro as well as several Nidoo disguised as doors. After three Nidoo pretending to be doors, the fourth door will lead you to the next area. Quickly enter it before the boulder rolls over you.

Rocky gray climb[edit]

This section is a simple climb to the top, but it is slightly harder with Chuchu. The first door leads you to a room full of enemies that grant you different copy abilities, but with Chuchu you only need the Clean or the Burning ability. The Burning ability can be obtained from a Bobo within the copy ability room, while the Clean ability can be snatched from the Keke hovering in their small spaces. With either ability, you can fly around and break some blocks, letting you get several stars. More importantly, it lets you reach the ledge in the middle the shaft with the multiple stars, which you otherwise can't reach with Chuchu.

Jump up the multiple ledges. Eventually the space will widen up, and Kabu will start attacking you from the left and right. Continue your climb while dealing with the Kabu one-by-one. Some of the Kabu block your path to a Health Drink, so defeat these in order to get the prize they're guarding. After the Kabu, there are two Sir Kibbles. Swallow either of these enemies to get the Cutter ability, which you will need to advance. Break the wall of blocks further up the climb with the Cutter ability, defeat the Kabu and Dekabu standing in your path and get to the topmost door to continue into the final area.

To the top of the gray plain[edit]

Your path forward is blocked by a Pasara. Attack it and the tiny Pasara it splits into, then continue on. Get the Ice ability from the Chilly if you want, then jump into the wide open area. It would seem like there is no way to keep climbing with Chuchu, since the path onward is too high up with Chuchu's limited jumps. Instead, you must run to a set of stairs created by stone platforms, then jump up to the top. Cling to the ceiling with Chuchu, then slowly scale the ceiling to the other side, avoiding the enemies in your path. Do this again for the following wide space to reach the very top. Go right to reach the exit door, and collect your Heart Star with Chuchu in the following area.