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While you've been through a storm several thousand feet in the air, the swirling hurricane of Cloudy Park is an even harsher environment. Dive straight into the turbulent clouds and you'll find yourself carried by strong winds, tumbling around in different directions, often straight into the whirlwind's malevolent inhabitants. A rice cake monster called Kagamimocchi has lost its tangerine friend Mikarin. Finding Mikarin isn't the challenge though, as getting to it in the first place requires assisstance from a strong flyer, whose flying abilities are needed to brave the powerful gusts of the hurricane.

Into the hurricane[edit]

The starting section of this level is very simple, being just a simple flat plain with Pasara floating around. You can ignore all of the Pasara, as they don't actively attack you, and you can simply avoid all of them by running across the ground. In the following section, you get to choose Coo or Chuchu as your Animal Friend. Coo is definitely your best choice for this level, as there are a lot of areas with strong winds in this stage that are made easier with Coo.

In the next section, you will be constantly blown to the right by the wind. Watch out for enemies in front of you, as you are given little time to respond, not to mention being unable to move to the left without Coo's help. There are small stars floating in the air, but don't risk taking damage in order to collect them. Among the many enemies in the area, the most threatening is the Gabon and Como, as they're hard to attack and evade in the wind. In the following area, there is a gust to the right once again, but there are also pits blocked by temporary platforms and Star Blocks. The pits usually contain goodies like healing items and 1-Ups, but the wind can make it hard to collect them. The gust also makes it difficult to dodge enemies in this area, especially the Scarfies floating in the air.

Topsy-turvy in the typhoon[edit]

In this section, the gust will carry you twisting and turning around the many corners until depositing you at the door. The main enemies here are Sir Kibble and Mariels, and they mostly appear at the turning points, so watch out whenever you approach one. The area after that is more straightforward, being a wide open area with Keke, Mumbies and Bouncies with a wind blowing to the left. Taking to the skies would be the best option if you can fly or hover, as you have much more room to evade enemies. Otherwise, stay alert as you get blown to the left, and be especially careful of the Mumbies if you lack a copy ability, as they can't be inhaled.

Heart Star: Jumpershoot's orange hostage[edit]

Unlike past mini-boss battles, where you had to take a specific path in the stage leading up to the fight, you are now forced to fight Jumpershoot even if you don't need to get the Heart Star. If you've fought Jumpershoot before, you should have no trouble defeating it. Simply attack it while moving around deftly and use the sandals it kicks as ammo when you don't have a copy ability. Unique to this battle is the presence of a strong gust blowing at the top half of the arena, which could limit your movement options. However, Jumpershoot will never reach you if you stay in the windy area, so it is a nice safe spot if you need a rest.

Just like how you're brought straight to the mini-boss battle, the character you have to collect, a tangerine named Mikarin, is also plainly visible in the room after the boss fight. However, a strong wind will quickly blow you to the right, meaning that you can't get Mikarin without Coo. If you have Coo, just fly against the wind to reach the tangerine, letting you collect it and reunite it with the rice cake creature at the end of the level, netting you the Heart Star.

Launch out of the cyclone[edit]

The final section of the stage is straightforward, but can cost you a lot of damage if you're careless. Like before, the winds blow in alternating directions depending on your altitude, so you'll find yourself getting blown around in every direction as you make your way up the stage. A new type of enemy appears here, the Wappa, snow monsters that roll at you. Inhale them to get the Ice ability. Other than the Wappa, there are also plenty of Pasara and Kabu in this section, and the narrow passages make them a challenge to avoid.