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The mountain range of Iceberg is known for its frequent avalanches, and your trek through the first mountain has set one off! You'll have no choice but to duck into the mountain. New dangers present themselves within the volcanic mountain interior, with rivers of lava flowing across the ground. A bounty hunter from Metroid has travelled to Pop Star to hunt down some dangerous parasites that became the namesake for her series. Help her defeat the invasive species to add another Heart Star to your collection.

Frosty deluge[edit]

You start off in an avalanche, being quickly pushed toward the right as your old enemies, the Nruffs, rush at you. Stay on the ground and let the snow move you and time your attacks to defeat the incoming Nruffs. Be sure to jump over the gap to the door right at the end. In the following area, the avalanche gets even stronger, causing the screen to shake and scroll to the right. The avalanche will appear as a huge wall of snow that gradually take up most of the screen. Touching it doesn't hurt you, but it does obstruct your vision when you're behind it. Keep running and dodging the enemies instead of attacking them, as the screen scrolls quite fast. You do want to get the Ice ability from one of the Chillies in the area for the upcoming sections.

Heart Star: Metroid invasion[edit]

Having narrowly avoided the avalanche, you'll now drop into the volcanic interior of the mountain. These underground sections are very similar to the previous volcano level you've cleared. There is far more exposed lava here, so watch your step. The warm interior of the volcano is the home to an alien species, the parasitic Metroids from SR388 that have secretly invaded Pop Star. They are found in small rooms within the volcano and will seek you down and latch on. The only way to defeat them is to exploit their weakness to ice. You must use the Ice ability to freeze these creatures, then push them straight into the lava, no missiles necessary! Defeat all of the Metroids in this stage to get the Heart Star, awarded by Samus Aran herself.

Be sure to keep the Ice ability on you if you want the Heart Star. The first door leads to a chamber with both Nago and Pitch if you want an Animal Friend with you. The door after that leads to the first Metroid. It can't hurt you even if it latches on to you, so simply freeze it as it comes close and push it into the lava walls. Continue along the pathway above the lava until you come across a second door. There are two Metroids here, but you can defeat them the same way. The platforms will get shorter and shorter as you reach the third and final door, leading to a room with the last three Metroids. Destroy them to fulfill the requirement for the Heart Star. After that, simply proceed across the remainder of the section, avoiding the Magoo resting on the lava, and you will eventually reach the door.

Back into the avalanche[edit]

The second lava section is a simple corridor with many health drinks located directly below Pacto. They should be more than enough to heal you back to full health, but be careful not to lose any health you gained by touching the Pacto or Propellers. Once you exit the volcano through the door, you will be dropped right back into another avalanche. Once again, the screen will scroll to the right and you must do your best to outrun the avalanche before you get engulfed. Ignore the enemies like before, as attacking them will slow you down and let the avalanche catch up. Go through the exit door as soon as it appears to end the ordeal.