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After the ordeal at the volcano, the sun has started to set in the desert of Sand Canyon. The scorching sand quickly cools and temperatures drop below freezing, making creatures that enjoy this colder climate come out of hiding. To kids making a cameo from Shin Onigashima is separated somewhere within this desert, and you will need to reunite them for the Heart Star they carry.

Sunset on the desert[edit]

There is a new enemy in this starting section, along with the last copy ability that you have yet to obtain! The walking snowmen are called Chillies, and they attack by emitting a cold aura to damage you. Swallow them to get the literally cool Ice ability, which lets you freeze enemies with your cold breath, then launch them as projectiles! Past the Chillies is a small valley lined by moving sand, as well as many resting Mariels. Be careful around the Mariels, as the sloped terrain can make it difficult to hit them without waking them.

After the first valley, there is a door that takes you to a small area where you can partner up with either Rick, Pitch or Nago. After that, you can choose between two parallel paths. The lower path has a lot of sand as well as Mariels as the main obstacle, though there are also spikes that you can fall into. The upper path has many Popon as well as collectable stars. Generally, the upper path is better if you have a copy ability, as you can quickly defeat the Popon and grab the stars. Without a copy ability, the Mariels on the lower path is much easier to handle, though you do have to watch out for the sand and spikes. A Mariel guards the door to the next area, and its dark color could let it surprise you if you approach the door too quickly.

Sandy spike pits[edit]

There is even more shifting sand lining the floors in this area, as well as plenty of Ticks. The uneven terrain can make the Ticks very hard to approach, so make your way through the stage carefully to avoid taking too much damage. Bronto Burts and Babut make hovering over the ground more troublesome, but they are easier to attack and defeat. There are a lot of spikes along the path, and the sand often carries you into one of them, so you have to watch where you're moving towards as well. There is a Maxim Tomato near the end of the section, but you still have to watch out for the Pacto that will leap after you when collecting it. Past one more Tick and a straight drop is the door.

The sandy tunnels[edit]

The harsh desert is the last place you'd expect a body of water to exist, but this place is no oasis. You must swim through a series of tunnels, and only going through the right tunnels can let you reach a certain room required to get the Heart Star. Go down the bottom tunnel in the first split, then the top, then the middle of the three paths to reach a door that will take you to the boss fight. If you don't need to get the Heart Star, any of the tunnels will lead you to the following section.

Heart Star: Donbe and the Haboki[edit]

Going through most of the doors in the previous area will bring you to some dry sand tunnels littered with a few enemies. However, if you followed the order of tunnels described in the section above, you can reach a large room with a fight against Haboki, a giant broom. Haboki has a simple attack pattern. It will either try to sweep stars at you to attack, or jump up and attempt to land on you, generating stars on either side of it. The stars from both attacks can be inhaled and spat back at Haboki if you lack a copy ability.

With only two attacks, Haboki should be a really easy boss to defeat. However, the sand covering the whole floor of this area complicates the battle, as it is harder to evade Haboki's attacks by dashing out of the way. This means you must use jumps to dodge Haboki instead, which also puts you in more danger when Haboki itself leaps. Just remember to keep jumping to evade its attacks, being especially careful when it jumps, and you should be able to defeat it steadily without taking too much damage. Haboki gives you the Clean ability if swallowed

After the battle, you get to collect a small demon child named Donbe. This blue-haired kid hails from Shin Onigashima, and he is on an adventure with his surrogate sister Hikari. However, both of them were separated in this confusing desert, and Hikari is unable to search for her partner due to all the monsters. While Donbe is much stronger, he is not smart enough to find his way out, so you need to bring him back to Hikari at the end of the level. Simply walk over Donbe to obtain him, then reach the end to get your Heart Star.


No matter which path you took, you will end up in the final section, covered entirely with sand. If you have just fought Haboki and obtained the Clean ability, you can break the blocks near the start of the area for a nice 1-Up. The rest of this area is a mundane stretch of sandy desert, with Togezo, Bronto Burts, Rockies and Bobo roaming about. It takes forever to get to the ending door if you simply walk across the sand, so just jump repeatedly to move faster.

You can inhale one of the Togezo to get the Needle ability, which you can use halfway into the level to break some blocks, letting you get a helpful Maxim Tomato. After that, get the Stone ability from a Rocky to break through some blocks further on, letting you get an Invincibility Candy. While invulnerable, just quickly leap across the desert, ignoring all the enemies as you plow straight through them, until you reach the door at the end of the level.