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The pristine waters of the lake in Grass Land is surrounded by a small forest. Although you won't actually go into the lake itself, you're still going to want Kine as your travel companion!

The woods[edit]

There is another new enemy encountered here, but the ability it grants is something you've used before. These sweepers are called Broom Hatters, and they generally don't pose much of a threat, due to the poor reach of their sweeping attacks. There are also large eggs in this level that hatch into Propellers. These hovering enemies will slowly home in on you, but their speed will greatly increase depending on their color and your Animal Friend. Yellow Propellers speed up when they spot Rick, black Propellers fly after Coo, blue Propellers hunt down Kine, brown Propellers chase down Nago, and pink Propellers go for Chuchu.

Around where the Propellers appear, there is a Health Drink to recover lost health. Continue down the path and you will see Bouncy Tys trapped between Star Blocks. Try to defeat them before destroying the Star Blocks, as the blocks limit their movement, making them easier to hit. Soon, you will also come across rotating logs. These logs will carry you in a particular direction, and they will become more important later on. Go through the door at the end of the section.

Pick a friend[edit]

There are some Sir Kibbles here in case you want to get the Cutter ability. There is a long bridge of spinning logs that carry you forward, as well as a platform above the logs with two doors. The left door leads you to a room with Kine and Coo, while the right door leads you to a room with Nago and Rick. If you want the Heart Star for this level, go straight for Kine. Otherwise, you can feel free to pick whoever you like for the level.

Two bridges[edit]

This path is split into two levels that you can alternate between. The top path is mostly patrolled by Waddle Dees, with plenty of Sasukes dropping down from above. The bottom path has many spinning logs and fewer enemies, but you do have to watch out for the surprise Nruffs that charge at you from the right side of the screen. After the split paths, there will be several Gordos on a circular path. Carefully navigate around them, and try to get the item they are orbiting around, especially the Health Drink. After the Gordos is a short path with some more spinning logs, as well as some stars, leading you to the exit.

The treacherous conveyor[edit]

This section is made almost entirely out of spinning logs, with plenty of Ticks positioned just below the logs. The position of the Ticks means it is incredibly hard to get rid of them without getting hurt yourself, so your safest bet is to avoid them instead. To make things harder, some of the logs spin backward, sending you in the opposite direction and making it more difficult to make precise jumps. Halfway through the section, you will only have a single log between Ticks, which can make avoiding the Ticks very tricky. Thankfully, there is a Health Drink in the middle of the section to recover some of your lost health. Eventually, the bridges will lead you to the door at the very end.

Heart Star: Kine and Mine[edit]

The requirement for the Heart Star is pretty simple for this stage. You must simply bring Kine with you all the way to the very end of the level, where he will meet his lady friend, Mine. Mine will give you the Heart Star once you do.