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Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival
Box artwork for Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival.
Japanese titleスーパーストリートファイターII Xリバイバル
Wii U Virtual Console
Nintendo eShop
Release date(s)
Game Boy Advance icon.png
Game Boy Advance
Wii U Virtual Console
System(s)Game Boy Advance, Wii U VC
ESRB: ESRB T.png Teen
SeriesStreet Fighter
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Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival is a portable installment of the Street Fighter II series based on Super Street Fighter II Turbo. Revival is not a direct port of the arcade Super Turbo, but rather an original portable version of the game based on it. The controls, much like the Game Boy version of Street Fighter II, have been modified due to the platform's four-button setup. Additionally "Easy Commands" can be toggled on or off to allow easier performance of special moves.

Revival features all the characters from the arcade version. Two versions of Akuma (with his own Super Combo move) are unlockable but the "Old" (SSF2) versions of the other characters were removed. The player only has to fight 10 opponents as opposed to 12. However the car and barrel bonus stages were also included. The artwork for the character select screen, victory screen and the character endings have all been remade by Capcom artist Edayan. The English localization was also revised. The backgrounds for Ryu's, Ken's, Chun-Li's, Guile's, Zangief's, Balrog's and Bison's stages have all been replaced, with some of the backgrounds taken from the later Street Fighter Alpha and Street Fighter III games.

The cast, story, controls, rules, and all of the character moves are identical to Super Turbo, so please refer to the SSF2T article for more information.

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