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Box artwork for Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha.
Box artwork for Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha.
Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha
Year released1996
System(s)Arcade, PlayStation, Sega Saturn
SeriesStreet Fighter
Japanese titleストリートファイターZERO2 ALPHA
ModesSingle player, Multiplayer
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Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold is the American name for the console conversion of the game which Capcom released in the arcades of Japan called Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha. SFA2G is an enhanced version of Street Fighter Alpha 2 just as Champion Edition and Turbo were enhanced versions of the original Street Fighter II. It contains several tweaks to the SFA2 gameplay engine and introduces new secret EX characters. Outside of Japan, SFA2G was included the Street Fighter Collection compilation.

The list of changes from Street Fighter Alpha 2 include:

  • Alpha Counters now take 1.5 super meter bars instead of 1
  • Six characters gained one additional move (indicated in the move lists below)
  • New game modes: Dramatic Battle, Survival Mode, and Shin Gouki Mode
  • The Custom Combo command has changed from 2P+1K/2+1P to HP + HK
  • Outfit colors are chosen by any P/K button and not combinations
  • Even more EX characters than before (listed below)
  • A new Sidearms win icon when you win by using a Taunt.

The Saturn and PlayStation conversions also contain a secret character that was not available in the arcade. The character is Cammy, as depicted in X-Men vs. Street Fighter. She is only available in Versus and Training modes in the Saturn conversion, while in the PSX version she is only available in Versus, and must be unlocked (see the secrets page).

EX characters[edit]

To select the following EX characters, highlight that character's portrait and follow the instructions in this table:

SF2 outfit Chun-Li Press Start once.
SSF2 Chun-Li Press Start twice.
SSF2 Dhalsim Press Start once.
SSF2 Ken Press Start once.
SSF2 M. Bison Press Start once.
SSF2 Ryu Press Start once.
Evil Ryu Press Start twice.
SSF2 Sagat Press Start once.
SSF2 Zangief Press Start once.

Table of Contents


Character Select[edit]

Ryu Adon Chun-Li Guy Ken
Dhalsim Gen Sakura Rolento Zangief
Charlie Birdie Rose Sodom Sagat
M. Bison Akuma Dan
EX Ryu EX Chun-Li EX Ken EX Dhalsim EX Zangief EX Sagat EX M. Bison Evil Ryu