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Nystul's Quest[edit]

Nystul, a concerned looking mage: "Hail to thee Avatar, and well met. 'Twas I who learned of thy peril through my mystic arts, so that aid might be sent unto thee. Iolo, I saw that thou didst find a book. Might I examine it?"

Iolo: "Certainly, milord. Perhaps thou canst make better sense of it than I."

Nystul: "Strange... This has a picture on its cover of a gargoyle standing with one foot on the chest of a slain human. This is interesting. It's written in a language I know not. Take it to Mariah at the Lycaeum, the finest scribe on the great Council of Wizards. She has studied many languages, and perhaps she can decipher this book for thee."

"Nystul sent word to me that thou hast a book written in a strange tongue."

"I'd be glad to look at it for thee." She examines the book. "Oh! I've seen this script before! I have part of an ancient silver tablet in my study with writing both in our language and this. I have learned only a little from studying it, but I can make out a few words. The title is 'The Book of Prophecies,' and it says something about 'the end of our world.' If only I had the other half of the tablet, perhaps I'd be able to decipher the rest of the book."

"I got my piece of the tablet from some gypsies whom I met at a pub. Mayhap they can tell thee where to look for the other piece. Bring both pieces of the tablet here and I will tell thee what I can."

  • Looking for the Gypsies

"They pass by Britain occasionally. I believe they travel on the King's Way." (Britain pub)

"They travel the road between Britain and Trinsic. Normally I like them. They're a merry lot. But one time a group of gypsies stole my prized locket!" (Empath Abbey)

"Taynith is my dearest friend. Her gypsy band travels the King's Way. Once a week, she stops in to say hello." (Paws pub)

"I'd be glad to help you out. But 'tis a hard life, sometimes, being a gypsy. You'd be willing to pay ten gold for the information, would you?"

"Some gorgio called 'Captain John' brought us the silver tablet and paid us to take it to the Lycaeum. While we were on the way there, we were ambushed by Captain Hawkins and his crew. The tablet was broken in two during the scuffle. The pirates got away with the bigger half. Hawkins took my finest earring as well - I spit on his mother's grave! Most likely they went to Buccaneer's Den with their loot. We took the corner of the tablet that they missed to the Lycaeum and sold it to Mariah."